Pardon me sir, is this the Albuquerque Choo-Choo?

Coast Guard Helicopter

Living in a rain forest where the day’s high temperature never exceeded 60 degrees was a wonderful way to spend our summer.  However that adventure leaves us unprepared for the difficult summer conditions we encounter as we head to Albuquerque.  The dense forest fire smoke covering southern Oregon and northern California obscures our hopes of enjoying the roadside scenery.   Once we are out of range of wildfires, temperatures skyrocket and the sky fills with smog over Salt Lake City.  Hard to tell where the salt ends and the sky begins.

Train to Albuquerque
Matt called this the “train to Albuquerque”

We ride a couple of hard 400 mile plus days hoping to escape the smoke and haze.  Skies begin to regain color and visibility improves north of Moab.  We are lucky to find a couple of empty Labor Day weekend campsites at the BLM campground on Ken’s Lake, 7 miles south of Moab.  No water, electricity or shade here, but at least a fairly level, oversized place to park for 2 days.  With temps over 100 degrees outside, I am suffering from too sudden exposure to extreme summer.  I have completely forgotten how to swelter.   Before seeking shelter, Sherry and I stock up on fresh Palisades peaches – still available this late in the year.  Think I will savor a juicy peach, drink plenty of fluids (is a Peach Margarita a drink or am I going to have to invent it?) and let the generator powered air conditioners inside my RV remind me of my pleasant stay on the Pacific Coast. 


Good-Bye Coast, Hello Heat

Smoky Sunset at Cape Blanco
Smoky Sunset at Cape Blanco
Parked at Ken's Lake
Parked at Ken’s Lake
Moab Peaches
This peach lady knows how to advertise!

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