Manatee Time in Crystal River

The local Manatee sanctuaries open as scheduled on November 15th.  In an rare turn of events, substantial groups of Manatee also swim gently to the springs on that day.  Lots of folks claim credit for that happy coincidence, but unfortunately the cause of this unusually serendipitous start to the season is the cooler temps that […]

Preparing for the Winter Refugees

Now that Summer has unconditionally surrendered to Winter’s invasion without the slightest defense by Autumn, folks are busy around here.  The Manatee are being drawn to the local springs as the Gulf waters chill.  Snowbirds flock here as winter’s frozen mantle blankets the northern states.  For the Manatee, sanctuaries are being cordoned off to give […]

Overnight Castaway

Never one to turn down a free trip to a deserted island, I jump at the chance to join Joyce and Chris from the Wildlife Refuge on a Bird Counting expedition to Egmont Key.  This island is not exactly deserted.  Accessible by boat or a passenger only ferry, Egmont Key is a wildlife Refuge and […]