Moab Motivation

As many of you know by now, the “culprit” of my weird RV problems in Colorado was a chattering vacuum pump.  According to the very helpful young man at Country Coach, this miscreant controls the dash heat in the coach.  When he told me that I immediately thought “YES!”  I have heard that noise before […]

Durango Days

Slow and Steady I lead a conga line of frustrated, impatient drivers down Farmington Hill on Hwy 550 into Durango at the end of my 3rd travel day.  I am proud that I maneuver this curvy, steep mile slowly enough to avoid using my brakes until the stop sign or running off the mountainside (especially […]

Co-Pilot Test Dummy

As I pilot my rig across the straight edge desert divider that is I-10 through New Mexico yesterday, I ponder my lonely driving problem.  After all I have nothing much else to think about (THANK GOODNESS – dear Lord please don’t think I am asking for more challenges on my RV trips!!).  Driving from Las […]