Our Little Secret – Spearfish and the DC Booth Hatchery

Before you read this post, please raise your right hand and solemnly swear that you will not tell anyone what you learn about Spearfish, SD from me.  I have been warned by my fellow RVers that I must stop encouraging people to visit incredible places like Spearfish and the DC Booth Historic Fish Hatchery there.  But I know that I can trust you, right?

Spearfish Favorite - Leones' Creamery

Matt, Sherry, Storm and I  unanimously agree that we will most miss Leones’ Creamery and their unique and tempting flavor combinations.  As far as I know this is the only ice cream shop ever that offers Rainbow Trout scoops.  Combined with the calorie burning walk from the campground our visits here were the perfect weekly treat.

Farewell to Spearfish and the Hatchery

We spent many hours at the Hatchery sometimes “working”  and during our days off just soaking up the wonder that such an exquisite place exists.  Playful fish and ecstatic children provided great entertainment at the Hatchery.  But the joy here comes from a community that does more than pay lip service to the idea of “pay it forward.”  Many gift shop customers folded extra dollars into my hand to insure that no kid who made a fish feeding pilgrimage to the hatchery would be denied that pleasure due to personal budget constraints.  In the town shops, huge chalk covered blackboards listed the beneficiaries of contributions paid forward to purchase food for strangers.  When the Feds tried to close this beloved hatchery down, the town fought to keep it open.  I love these guys!

The warm hearted folks here have designed a small town bisected by curvy, scenic walking/bike trails from one end to the other.  My daily 3 mile walks along trout filled, tree lined Spearfish Creek seemed effortless.  I met so many kind people here including my fellow volunteers and the residents of this canyon.  I thrilled to awaken each morning and enjoy another blissful day in this community.  I am gonna miss friendly, luscious Spearfish, SD so much – but PLEASE don’t tell anyone! 

Spearfish and Hatchery Highlights

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2 Replies to “Our Little Secret – Spearfish and the DC Booth Hatchery”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    You guys are something else! Thank you for all the pictures and information about wonderful places to see in the US. Especially here at the fish hatchery, we can see you are having a good time and I bet you go back there next year as well. You should be in touch with the state tourism folks, you do a better job than the ones that are paid to get folks interested in coming to their state. ;>)) Thanks again, safe travels and can’t wait for the next note to come our way. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      You are too kind! We sure do feel lucky to be able to travel around and meet so many nice folks in beautiful places 🙂

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