Our Custer, SD Vacation

There are so many things to see in the area around Rapid City, SD that I cannot list them all here.  We were lucky enough to visit:

Custer State Park – where we hiked the Creekside Trail with Priscilla, paddled in Legion Lake, rode the Wildlife Loop, rode Needles Highway and met participants in The Great Race.  The gentleman that we talked to about the race had been driving a Corvair Station Wagon but crossed a cattle guard a bit too fast and it broke a custom brakeline.  He was unable to get parts for repair and had to have his car trailered (RVs aren’t the only fragile vehicles out there).

Mount Rushmore – one tip for this attraction is the $11 parking pass you must purchase to enter is good until the end of the year so you can go hike during the day, then return one evening for the light show without having to pay twice for parking

Crazy Horse Memorial

Wind Cave National Park

Riding UTVs in the Black Hills National Forest

Below is my video compilation of the trip – crank up the video quality and go large screen for best view.  This should bring back fond memories to the Original Dawson Gang members as we made several annual group trips to this area – it is a great place to visit!

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  1. Looks like fun

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      It is – I was thinking of you and Steve a few days ago when I saw a couple on a motorcycle that reminded me of you. Hope you have a great summer!

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