Oshkosh Adventure

As planned I departed in my car first thing Friday morning to head for Dayton, Ohio to meet Charlie for the night when he arrived in cub.  My nephew and I made good time in the car and stopped for breakfast 2 hours out.  I checked in with Charlie only to learn that due to weather a flight in the Cub for the next couple of days was not possible.  SOOO I turned around and headed back to our airport to load up a Lance and head out for Oshkosh.  We were sad not to get to take the Cub, but a 6 hour flight sure beats 2 days of driving.  PLUS when we got to Oshkosh a day early, there was very little traffic and we got a great parking space near all of the good stuff (and there is lots of that here).  When we stopped in Lafayette for lunch and fuel yesterday, we saw this sign on taxiway and it struck all of us as a very ominous sign to see just before a flight (thankfully we took a different taxiway).

You probably want to try and avoid this taxiway in Lafayette, IN

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