Old People Invade Sonic Bloom Festival

You might imagine that as far away from civilization as we are now, we would enjoy near total peace and quiet.  At least that should be true at night when no cattle guards are in production.  Most of the time, you would be correct in thinking that.  After all, way out here there is no TV reception, no trash service and mail is delivered only on M-W-F.  However, over the course of the last week Monte, Storm and I observe the set-up of the Sonic Bloom Festival in the pasture and woods below the ranch.  A change is clearly afoot.

Kneesocks, a bathing suit bottom and glowing fairy wings – a look I have never considered!

This annual EDM and arts & crafts festival takes place on the Hummingbird Ranch just below Monte’s place.  What is EDM?  It is Electronic Dance Music.  Loud, booming, vaguely recognizable (I am sure I heard a Beatles song one time) music will emanate from 3 stages below the ranch all weekend.  Because the musicians consist of a “turntablist” (a person with a laptop playing music samples) sometimes accompanied by a drummer and/or keyboard player, this is not like any concert we have attended.  Everyone dances in front of the stage to the music mix while acrobats dangle, dance or twirl in the wings.  Apparently this is very popular with millennials.

A Sonic Bloom Attendance Incentive

Sonic Bloom Artist
Sonic Bloom Artist

The local homeowners receive a reward for dealing with actual traffic on the dirt roads all weekend and being bombarded with throbbing music from below all night (the music stops at 7am).  Each household receives free tickets to the event.  At a value of over $200 each, we definitely plan to go down and check things out.

As we pass through the gate, my first impression is wow, I think these children (anyone under 40 by my definition) are dancing in their underwear. It is not that warm outside.  Most of the young folks wear some type of costume often topped off with animal hats.  I have no idea why.  Many of the female costumes provide limited coverage.  Judging by the amount of tugging and adjusting being performed by the more scantily clad attendees, those mischievous outfits must not be all that comfortable.  Thank goodness the wearers are young.  People of my age are not firm enough to add coverage by yanking on our clothes.  We are forced to try and stuff errant flesh in – let’s not even go there.

There are artists under the trees producing a variety of intriguing, but pricey pieces.  Storm finds several paintings he likes but at over $500 each, he decides to abstain.  One young man earnestly and kindly offers to realign with the universe both my and Storm’s karma.  All we have to do is join him in his special tent.  Our karma is already as least twice if not three times the age of most of the folks here.  We decide we should preserve our ancient karma in its current state of alignment rather than take the chance of somehow damaging it during this process.

Sonic Bloom Summary

"Concert" goers arriving
“Concert” goers arriving

I find the music and energetic young people refreshing.  All of the attendees that we talk too are extremely polite and considerate.  They are probably concerned about accidentally harming  fragile relics our age.  As the sky darkens and the music volume increases, Storm becomes anxious to get back to the ranch and out of the dust swirling around the rain deprived event. 

From my age perspective, I can’t really review this event.  I will say that I thought each person I met there was just adorable. If you are young, like EDM music, enjoy wearing crazy costumes (not an actual requirement) and are prepared to camp on a remote ranch for 4 days – you should do this!  On the other hand if you are old and want to see some stuff you have never seen before (or have forgotten the last time you saw it), try to get out there before your bedtime and soak up some of the exuberance!

Sonic Bloom Art
If there is no glue – how are these things staying up?

Sunny Visits Sonic Bloom



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6 Replies to “Old People Invade Sonic Bloom Festival”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    Looked like everyone that was in the pictures and video were adequately covered. After visiting Las Vegas it would be interesting to see what you meant by skimpy clothing. Heck in Vegas they didn’t wear anything but PASTY’S. A great place to visit ONE TIME with folks FROM THERE to say that you have been, course if they tied to tell you about it you would not believe them anyway. We ain’t going back any time soon.:>)))) And the Testicle Festival in the Dakota’s was a sight to see as well, we never got out of the car and saw all we wanted to see from about 100 feet. Those kids seemed to be having a great time and had no idea at all where their cloths were. Thanks for sharing, you will sure enjoy the piece and quiet when they are gone. :>)) GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      The scantily clad people tended to stay in the shadows and my shots of them were too dark. Testicle Festival? Looks like we need to get with you to plan our next trip itinerary!

  2. You could ROCK the fairy wings, knee socks and bathing suit outfit, any venders there selling the necessary accoutrements so you could put together your own version of this sterling ensemble?

    1. Their version of the hippies from the 60’s.

      1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

        Yes and a good location considering all the things that are legal here 🙂

    2. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      hahaha! Thank you!! Yes – there were vendors there and the fairy wings were VERY tempting 🙂

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