Not much time to be Sentimental

With our yellow cub’s innards stacked neatly beneath it in the hangar, we were forced to make a rush trip up to Sentimental Journey in the much less satisfying, but definitely faster Piper Lance. At least it was a Piper product. Heaven forbid that we go to Lockhaven in some other brand. I learned that they had a turnout of at least 600 planes – how I would have LOVED to have seen that! Many planes and people had already departed by the time we arrived late Saturday, but our trip was not in vain. At the banquet that evening, we hooted and hollered as our good friend Bob (of Oshkosh award winning fame) nabbed the best J-3 of the show award. I did not get many pictures, but here are the few that turned out OK:

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  1. I hope the cub is in recovery and will be back on its wings soon.

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