Nature’s Museum of Art

Some of the art is man-made. We pass this "Pioneer Billboard" on the Johnson Canyon Driving tour.

Storm and I gingerly explore the scenic roads and easier trails around the Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Staircase-Escalade.  Until we install a lift kit on the Jeep, we are trying to be gentle with it.  Lucky for us, a full palette of colors combine with rock formations seemingly crafted by an enormous sculptor to make every view a new masterpiece.  Here are some scenes from our recent southwest Utah sojourn.

The Toadstools

If you are up for a short 1.5 round trip hike, you can park at the trailhead right on Hwy 89 between Kanab and Page and head out to view the Toadstools.

When we leave the Toadstools toward lunch in Page, AZ, we notice that the pavement is decorated with creative tar strips.  Guess all that natural wonder inspired the road workers!

Cottonwood Canyon Road

Cottonwood Canyon Road through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a winding dirt road that showcases the natural wonder of this area.  You can take in miles of beauty without getting out of the car.

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2 Replies to “Nature’s Museum of Art”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    You all are something else, I still think you should send these to the department of tourism in the different states that you visit. Every time you send one of these I want to hit the road and come out to see them for real. >) And how long does it take you to figure out what music to pick for the vedio’s? I would like to get the CD’s that you pick from ) Thanks for the great adventure and I never left my man cave to see it. :))) Take care and safe travels. Just finished the Annual on the PA12 today. Yahoooooooo. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am so glad you like the visits! I usually get lucky with the music – Youtube supplies it for free and makes it easy to choose based on length and type of music. Everything that I use, someone has uploaded to Youtube for folks to use for free – nice of them isn’t it?! Glad to hear the PA12 annual is done, maybe now the weather is good enough for some flying!

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