National World War I Museum

After battling the toddlers and insects and fighting to find parking at Union Station (hint keep driving round and round until you get past the acres of empty reserved parking for the postal service and eventually you get to the parking spaces for visitors), we were a little daunted by the location of the National World War I Museum.  Across the street from Union Station at the top of many, many stairs getting to the museum promised to pump up our heart rate  We made it up the the top of the hill only to learn that the actual museum was under the hill at the bottom of more steps so down we went.

Stormy nears the Liberty Memorial Tower

Short on time and starving we decided to grab a quick lunch in the museum cafe (egg salad sandwich hit the spot) then take the trip up to the top of the tower to see Kansas City from 217′ above the museum grounds (but only 45 steps inside the tower).  Here is Sunny’s take on this museum:

View from the bottom of the tower
View from the bottom of the tower
Liberty Mermorial Tower
The World War I tower
View from the top of the tower
View from the top of the tower


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