Munzee Hunt in Montrose

20160830_133142Storm and I explore downtown Montrose a little more thoroughly today.  I have mentioned before a “scavenger hunt” type app called Munzee that Jim introduced to us.  After a locally grown downtown Montrose lunch we start a grid like search of the downtown area for Munzee points.  The following video will give you the Munzee experience as seen through our eyes.  Jim says that hunting Munzees helps him find parks and other off the beaten path attractions when he visits a new town.  I enjoy the game because when Storm is hunting Munzees, he doesn’t mind walking miles and miles with me and let’s face it – I need the exercise!


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  1. Storm may want to add the app MunzStat ( to his phone. It complements the Munzee app.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Now that we have cell service, I will make sure he sees that. Thanks!

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