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B-29 SuperFortresss
Corrales Grower's Market
Corrales Grower’s Market

After weeks of work and fun in Albuquerque, we approach our last labor-free weekend before the Fiesta.  Like bloodhounds on the scent, on Sunday the RV volunteers follow the smoky aroma of roasted peppers to the Corrales Grower’s Market just a few miles from our campsite.  Fresh local produce, ambrosial baked goods and spicy peppers fill our shopping sacks as we head back to conjure up delicious treats from our shopping spree here. 

Our group of volunteers also takes advantage of the Smithsonian Museum Day Live! event to enjoy the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History free of charge.

Storm enjoys the Nuclear kid’s displays

Storm and I find the hands-on kids displays to be more comprehensible and less frightening than displays disclosing nuclear bomb experimentation details.  I am engaged by the animated Albert Einstein.  With a push of a button, Albert answers physics questions that have been nagging me for years!

With science facts and figures exploding in our brains, we decide to relax our craniums by visiting the Tinktertown Museum at the base of the Sandia Mountains.  This museum is cluttered proof of a hobby that got out of control.  Entertained by the light-hearted animated wood carvings, we question the building codes that govern walls constructed of old, empty bottles.   After an hour or so of wandering through this off kilter maze of collectibles, cool breezes and drizzling rain end our explorations.  Time to retreat to the Balloon field.

Pictures from our last Albuquerque work-free weekend

Tinkertown carving displays
So many things to see along the hallways in Tinkertown
Incredible Walls constructed of mortar and old bottles
Incredible Walls constructed of mortar and old bottles
On the grounds at Tinkertown
On the grounds at Tinkertown
Old Carriage at Tinkertown
Old Carriage at Tinkertown
Corrales Grower Market
Storm receives a roasted chili pepper lesson at the Grower’s Market
Old Town Albuquerque

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