More Power To Us – RV Battery Upgrade

Yuck – this compartment needs a serious cleaning

When we purchased our rig, the seller graciously includes a new set of batteries as part of the sale.  The RV battery set that they supply does not include deep cycle batteries. Therefore we are not prepared for long periods of dry camping without shore power because our limited amp hours batteries will quickly go dead.

Storm has been determined to rectify this battery deficiency for the last year by undertaking an RV Battery Upgrade.  He will redo our distressingly nasty battery compartment, then replace 2 of the huge yet inadequate starter batteries we were “given” at purchase with smaller more robust batteries.

Storm’s RV Battery Upgrade Plan

House Batteries
Six 6-volt, deep cycle house batteries added. The one old battery still works fine to start the RV

The battery upgrade is phase one of a multi-phase project.   After phase one is completed this week, Storm will research installing a new pure sine wave inverter to replace the modified sine wave we have now.  Click here to learn the difference.

By modernizing that component of our RV, we hope to ease the strain on our electronics.  The final phase will be to replace our unreliable multi-fuel Norcold refrigerator with a new residential cooler.  An inverter with more capacity will carry the additional load without the need of an additional dedicated inverter for this appliance.


Fiery Furnace

Much to Storm’s relief George has graciously offered to help Storm with this nasty, heavy lifting job.  This  job involving torches and 140 lb batteries is one where my assistance would be of questionable benefit. No need to add negativity to an already charged situation!

Instead, Michelle and I opt to join the Fiery Furnace Ranger led hike in Arches NP at 9:00am this morning.  A popular hike for which we waited too late to purchase our tickets last year.  Tickets usually sell out at least a week in advance. This year we make a stop at Arches NP Visitor Center on the day we arrive in Moab to purchase our advance tickets. 

Armed with our reserved admission, we march off leaving Storm and George to wire and solder to their heart’s content.  I had no way of knowing that I might need shock treatment the next day to get moving again after all the climbing and scrambling that we did.  Thank goodness I mastered the extremely useful “butt” scramble technique quickly.


In the Furnace

We receive lots of scrambling lessons from Ranger Glenn

My bones felt scrambled after all this climbing

This arch in the Fiery Furnace is called Skull Arch

A lot easier to see why when I turn it upside down

Our 3 hour, 2 mile tour wound through narrow canyons

After soaking up all this natural beauty and fresh air, I really need a nap!

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