Minnesota Fun and Food on I-90

Camping in Adams, MN

Leaving Oshkosh, Matt selects a small town campground in Minnesota just 15 miles off I-90 for our first night’s stop.  City campgrounds are often plush, green jewels in peaceful settings and the Adams campground is no exception.  Except that we don’t make it to the campground itself.  We miss the sign for that part of their park and wind up camped in a loop beside their picnic area.

We sure did not see this campground sign from the road…

A Warm Welcome in Adams

Matt and Charlie strike out to find an “official” to OK our alternate parking choice.  The closest they come is a local young man driving a John Deere tractor pulling a wagon.  He is getting ready to load up for what he calls a Sunday night Hayride and “booze cruise.”  Coming from the south where the Baptist have trained us not to even think of alcohol on Sunday, I am amazed.

John Deere A Model Tractor
Hayride Anyone?

The tractor driver grants us permission to remain parked in the picnic area.  “No one will care,” he explains non-nonchalantly, “just put a note in the box explaining that you don’t fit in the campground and are parked in the loop instead.”  So we put our $17 payment in the box with a note per his instructions and settle down to relax on the shaded, lush lawn beside our rigs.

The Booze Cruise

We watch the “cruise” make several circuits around town.  After about an hour, the crowded wagon putters into the park, pulls up beside our rigs and the “cruisers” invite us to join them.  Well heck yes, we pile on the wagon too!  We get a personalized tour of Adams (population about 800).  Everyone on the ride insists that we must eat breakfast at Bubbles the next morning.

Breakfast at Bubbles

Sunny and Bubbles

Not only is it the only restaurant in town, but Bubbles herself runs the place.  A full, tasty breakfast with drinks and a side of pancakes for 4 totals $25.  When we walk into the diner Monday morning, the 15 or so folks already enjoying breakfast all stop talking at once and turn eyes to us.  “Are you in the campers parked at the picnic area?” they ask.  Seems we are the talk of the town and everyone there wants to hear about our travels and share their travels with us.

After Adams I could hardly believe that Minnesota could get any better, but it did.  The Spam Museum was a treat and that does not even include the Spam that we bought.  We tried to stop at the many unusual attractions along I-90.  Below is a video recap of this part of our trip to Spearfish.

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4 Replies to “Minnesota Fun and Food on I-90”

  1. Haha! Love how you did the tractor ride and of course the Spam museum with me beating you! Fun times!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks Sherry! I can think of no one that I would rather be beaten by in a Spam race than you – great job!! 🙂

  2. Ruth Ann Chapman says: Reply

    Loved your Minnesota Fun and Food report….y ‘all are having a great time. Hope things are going great in Spearfish!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am so glad you liked it! We love Spearfish. So beautiful and so much to see – volunteer work is a breeze.

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