Lost your Inner Child?

Dusk just before Evening Balloon Glow

Spend five minutes at the Balloon Fiesta and you will need ear plugs to drown out exuberant screams like: “Look at that one,” or “I’ve never seen a Piranha Balloon before,” or “oooo – there’s Darth Vader,” or “Oh wow, it’s a giant dinosaur!” And that’s just if you are standing next to me! Yes, seeing hundreds of balloons beaming in the morning sun will definitely cause your inner child to rise to the surface and squash down any cynicism or woes that may have earlier worked their way too high up in your priority list.

I ask you to please keep in mind that the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the most photographed event in the world (again, that is just counting the pictures I took), so although I will try not to over share, you are in for a bunch of balloon photos! Let’s get started with these.

Daybreak at Fiesta
Mass Ascension
Special Shapes
Mass Ascension
Mass Ascension
Storm and I crewed this balloon for one day – inflating it, then repacking after static display
Mass Ascension
Mass Ascension
Mass Ascension
Mass Ascension
Special Shape
Mass Ascension
Mass Ascension
Whirlybird Special Shape
Special Shapes
Special Shapes
Mass Ascension
Field View of Mass Ascension



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4 Replies to “Lost your Inner Child?”

  1. Be very glad you’re not here, raining cats and dogs and not the balloon version either from hurricane Matthew. The Darth Vader and Yoda balloons were at the Statesville balloon fest when we attended a couple of years ago and I recognized one or two others as well, but the volume in Albuquerque far exceeds Statesville’s.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      It is the general consensus of every retiree I talk to out here – we are all glad we no longer have to “weather” the East Coast Storms. We are all hoping though that everyone along the coast survives Matthew and that damage is minimal.

  2. WOW! Thanks for sharing…someday…:)

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      It is something to behold for sure! Don’t wait too long 🙂

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