Looping Past Wipe Out Hill

Wipe Out Hill Loop

Storm announces that our ride today will be on a new trail (to us) named Wipe Out Hill. I fight the urge to hide in the RV until he, Michelle and George return.  Storm assures me that we will only approach the bottom of the hill for a peek. 

A 3 mile jaunt brings us to the turn around point at the bottom of Wipe Out Hill.  I cringe at the thought of ascending this rocky. steep obstacle, then we continue on a scenic loop that leads us safely away from this vertical nightmare.  Although a short adventure of just 6 miles, this trail has lots of eye catching vistas.  There seem to be equal amounts of rocky climbs (Storm’s preference) and sandy washes (my favorites) so everyone leaves happy.

Pictures from Wipe Out Hill Loop

As you approach this spire, it appears to be shaped like a bird

On the other side, it more resembles a human profile

Monitor and Merrimac buttes in the background
Monitor and Merrimac buttes in the background
Wipe Out HIll Loop
These “eyes” seemed to follow us on the last part of the trail
Long Canyon
We finished the trip with a ride down Long Canyon

Moab Giants

Moab Giants

We discover dinosaur tracks on many of the off road trails we have traveled this visit to Moab.  Curious to learn more about these ancient footprints, we visit Moab Giants Museum.  Whenever we pass this complex, we can see humongous dinosaur models along a path behind the buildings. 

I always thought this venue was a tourist trap and when we check on the admission price I am convinced it is ($22 per adult).  But YOLO and we had never been here before, so in we go. To my surprise, the entire site including an interactive museum is extremely well done and informative.  The realistic 3D creatures in the theatre and the PaleoAquarium are educational and only slightly frightening.   The Aquarium consists of a guided tour through a series of 3D “tanks” containing tooth baring pre-historic sealife. Beware of the 5D attack at the tour’s end.  Although no one was actually injured, It is not for the faint of heart!

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