Living It Up on the Slopes of the Wet Mountains

Warning Sign
Thank goodness we have an invitation!

At first glance, the rural Wet Mountains neighborhood that surrounds Monte’s ranch may not seem all that hospitable.  Warning signs to trespassers are abundant and somewhat frightening.  But the nice folks up here make us feel welcome.  They share meals with us and allow Monte to give us UTV tours of their property. 

Wood Stove
Stove restored by Al

Al and Joann treat us to several meals and share with us their hobbies.  Al restores old deteriorated stoves to immaculate condition.  Joann engraves wood, leather, glass and anything she can wrestle into her fancy engraving machine.

Don and Milt serve us a delicious dinner at their mountain cabin nestled about 200 feet above Monte’s place.   We admire their view of the Spanish Peaks sunset while dining.  Their other guests include a Tom Turkey and a thirsty skunk.  Both wander by during our visit, luckily neither the skunk or his aroma lingers as he scurries away from our dinner party.  I had hoped to post the video of Milt’s lovelorn turkey attacking the shiny bumper of his truck.  Unfortunately the resolution was too low to share with you.  You will just have to take my word that a turkey can raise a lot of ruckus planting kisses on his reflection in a truck bumper.

Ranch Life on Wet Mountains Slopes

Young Antelope
We have seen these two baby antelope several times but without Mom nearby, they pose for us
Caattle Trough
Monte waters the cows
 Cow Feeding
Giving the cows a delicious cake snack
Ranch View
View at Al and Joann’s Ranch
Tom Turkey
This Tom Turkey is strutting about on Al and Joann’s place


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2 Replies to “Living It Up on the Slopes of the Wet Mountains”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    What a pretty place, are you guys working there now or just relaxing and enjoying the hospitality of good friends. Sure wish we were there with you. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Monte and Storm finished the cattle guard on Wednesday. Now we are relaxing and waiting for it to cool off enough so we can leave. Highs around Pueblo are 105 plus – we are thinking of traveling only at night so the RV doesn’t melt :-)

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