Lake Havasu Adventures

As we pull into Lake Havasu City, AZ we are greeted by signs declaring this city to be the home of the London Bridge.  I wondered where that bridge went.  For the whole story, click here.  Short story is that the founder of McColluch chain saws bought the bridge, built a canel here for it and then installed the bridge in its new home.

London Bridge

A Cost of Free Camping

We relocate ourselves to the BLM area north of town.  Not as wide open as Quartzsite, but at the low, low cost of $0 per night still a bargain.  Our week of dry camping has been a pleasant experience but we  need a trash dump.  There are many stations in Quartzsite to dump but in the off season, we find them closed.  We ask the BLM site host in Lake Havasu if there are receptacle sites nearby.  She suggests using the dumpster at a local large retail store, but I don’t feel good about taking advantage of them. 

After I fill the big trash can and the little one in the bath, I start looking for creative ways to store garbage.  Laundry hamper? Microwave? Washing machine? I don’t think Storm will notice his pillow is a little crunchier – do you?  By the time we get to a paying campsite, I will be most overjoyed to see the dumpster and unload!

Lake Superior's Split Rock Lighthouse (1/3 scale)

Our tour of Lake Havasu includes a stop or two at the “to scale” lighthouses that ring the shoreline.  We also walk along the canal path to get a good look at London Bridge.  After an amazing sunset at our campsite, we rest up for a full day of off road exploring Jim has planned for us tomorrow. 

Cattail Cove Trail Ride

We start the Cattail Cove trail from a staging area just off AZ 95 south of Havasu.  The trail has a few interesting spots to overcome but for the most part is pretty easy if bumpy.  We scratch so any Arizona pinstripes along the Jeep sides on this trip that Storm adds a pair of shears to our Jeep equipment list. In the future we can trim bushes as we ride and avoid the extra striping.

Jim demonstrates wheels in the air stunt on a rough climb

Lake Havasu and Cattail Cove Trail Pics

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4 Replies to “Lake Havasu Adventures”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    Spent a night at Havasu, we were coming back from Vegas. Dad got sick and we had to hurry back to Phoenix where he was put in the hospital. He came out OK and I flew out and drove him back to Illinois. Did not get to see much there, just the bridge from a distance. Always wanted to go back, thanks for taking us. My poor truck would never make those trails.”>))) Can you burn trash out there??? I would think you could dig a pit and burn it and cover it up, a little ash in that sand would not hurt a thing. :>)))) GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I don’t think they like for people to burn anything out here – too dry I think. Small campfires OK, but not sure about anything larger. Sorry your trip through Havasu was so stressful – lots of room to relax and enjoy out here. While we were out on the trail, we passed a column of humvees on maneuvers I guess. Glad we were leaving about then :-)

  2. Looks like a cool place. I love to see the fun you two are having with the Jeep?
    Keep “Ramlin’ On”!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      There is a lot to see out here! Hope you are enjoying a dryer Spring than the last few months. Hugs to Captain Morgan and you!

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