Kansas City, Kansas City here we come

Frozen and rain-soaked the last few weeks of winter, I have not had much to share.  As I began to thaw out, Stormy and I headed to Kansas City to watch my niece’s basketball team play in the NJCAA Div II National Basketball Championship.  This was the first time at the National Championship for this school and though they placed ninth, I think they learned a lot about how to play and win at this level next time. Congrats to them for making it to the finals!

Stormy and I spent time after the games exploring Kansas City and what an impressive city.  We found so many things to do in just one day we were almost overwhelmed.  I will spread out the experience over several posts starting with this one about the Wheeler Downtown Airport.  There are 2 museums on the airport, the Airline History Museum and the TWA Museum.  We only had time for one and we choose the Airline History Museum.  While not our most exciting adventure of the day, there were a couple of highlights:

Below we learn why Sunny was never a “flight hostess” as her answers to the questions shown on the hostess pre-flight checklist below are:

  • no
  • what makeup?
  • define correct
  • maybe
  • OMG where are my wings?
  • hopefully
  • none of your business…
  • I sure hope not!


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