The Joys of Youthful Exuberance

West Coast Tour Trio

A Refreshing Visit

How exciting for Storm and me to share a tiny bit of our heavenly spot with our niece Caitlin and her 2 friends Mallory and Marti.  These lovely young women are on a west coast adventure vacation this week.  Beginning their trip in Seattle, they stop in to visit us as they cool off in Oregon along their drive to San Diego.  I spend as much time as possible just enjoying their youthful exuberance.  Immersed in their joie de vivre, I fail to get pictures and videos of them.  I hope that they will visit us on their next adventure so I can feature them here as the sunshine rays that they are.

Lunch at Deadline Falls
Lunch at Deadline Falls

West End of Waterfall Highway OR 138

We travel back east with them to share a few scenic stops along the coast and OR 138.  At Deadline Falls, Mallory and Storm actually see a couple of trout jump six feet upstream over the falls clearing the water by three feet.  After a picnic in a wooded thicket near the falls, we part as the trio takes off for Crater Lake.  Before we head home, Storm and I continue on to Steamboat Falls hoping to glimpse more leaping trout.  At Steamboat Falls we see no acrobatic trout angling upriver.  Disappointed we assume that they are probably climbing the enclosed fish ladder beside the falls. 

With no fishy photos to show for our efforts, we stop next at the Colliding Rivers viewpoint.  Not much crashing river here action due to summertime low water flow. Instead a line of teenagers jumping off the cliff into the river entertain us.  Our final stop at Sandy Creek Covered Bridge provides a nice leg stretch stop on the way back home.

No whales to watch
We tried to take our young guests whale watching, but there were no whales to watch
Bandon Coastline
They got a glimpse of the coast at Bandon before the fog rolled in there too
The fog rolled in
The fog rolls in at Bandon 
Steamboat Falls on OR Hwy 138
Steamboat Falls on OR Hwy 138
Colliding Rivers Viewpoint on Hwy 138
Divers at Colliding Rivers Viewpoint on Hwy 138
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

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