It’s Sunny and Stormy in New Zealand – Episode 6

During the night after we returned to Geordie Hill Station from Invercargill,  a very welcome rain moved into the valley where it had not rained since January. We left the planes on the ground and set out on wheels to explore the nearby vineyards. This one is short as you just can’t cover as much ground in a car as in a C-172.

I will share one story that I was not able to get any good photos of and that is the story of Shrek the Ram.  Shrek was a Merino Ram who managed to evade “muster” for 7 years. When finally shorn, Shrek was proclaimed to be the “wooliest” sheep ever and became a New Zealand hero.  We did visit his shrine which was very near GHS and his story is quite captivating.  Click on the link above to learn more about Shrek.

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