It’s Sunny and Stormy in New Zealand – Episode 4

Even though this episode is short, it is one of my favorites because after much effort I actually captured the sound of the air traffic controller’s voice to play with one of the flying clips. With the inexpensive equipment that I use, recording a sound from our headsets turned out to be quite a feat. But I was able to jam the flip out screen of the bloggie up into one ear of my headset and then squash the whole thing against my head so that the bloggie also benefited from the noise attenuation in my headset (a little anyway). I got some great videos of my neck and as a result of my efforts, you get to “hear” some of the differences between flying in the US and in NZ. I love how they say “poppa.” They measure barometric pressure in millibars (QNH) as opposed to the US measurement in inches.

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