I’m baaaack…

Sorry for the long hiatus, but that half marathon really wore me out.  Plus I took some time to learn new things like how to work Lightroom 5 and how to defend this website against hackers.  But it is a New Year and I hope to have many more adventures to share with you in 2014.

To start out this year, I want to show you Stormy’s favorite Christmas gift.   For the last ten years, we have used one of those decorative paper towel holders that sits on the counter. When you try to pull off a paper towel from it, it either falls over or the tops falls off or it reels off 5 or 6 towels.  Each time Charlie used it, a steady stream of cussing flowed out of his mouth and it has been a source of consternation for both of us.  So here is the solution that I found:

To purchase this purveyor of domestic bliss, click here for a link to Smart Home


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