Greetings from Moab

With all of the weird things going on in the world, I can’t believe I find myself here in Moab in the midst of a national crisis.  Yet here I am faced with the random closure of the Liquor store due to a scarcity of eligible employees.  At first, they cut back the hours of the lone ABC store here in town.  Now, the situation has deteriorated to the point that on random days and without notice they do not open up at all.  This store is the only place in town where people can purchase wine or somewhat fortified liquor (we are still in Utah). 

This sign is dire, but on the random days that they close due to lack of staff that sign brings tears and gnashing of teeth!

I arrive Friday afternoon on a random closure day to find the parking lot around the store filled with people wandering aimlessly in disbelief  checking and re-checking the closure signs in case there is some hope that they will randomly re-open.  Sadly, I see one lady sitting in her car sobbing, “I can’t drink beer, I need a bottle of wine.”  I wish I was making that part up.  I guess I never thought it would come to this.

Sunny and Michele Do Durango

Of course, five minutes after we leave this downtown walking trail, the train comes by and blows its horn. It taunts me with the thought of having it in this picture. But like every other train I try to catch in a picture, it is too smart for me.

I should have stopped at the liquor store pre-Moab while I was in Durango visiting Michele.  But we are so busy having fun, I never get a chance.  The pictures below tell the story, but as always she is a thoughtful and entertaining hostess!  So grateful that she knows where to find the most scrumptious meals in town.  I mean how can you beat blue cheese chicken fried steak with those tiny multicolored potatoes – so sweet!

She schedules a visit to her gym and I go as her guest.  Don’t assume that we work off those calories though.  Instead we spend an hour or so floating around and around in the lazy river.

We are probably supposed to exert ourselves by swimming against the current, but we decide to just go with the warm, soothing flow.  If they had furnished blow up floats and served margaritas at the lazy river the gym visit would have been my favorite part of this trip!

The following tale occurred before I left Benson.  I didn’t want to share until all of the dental work was done.

Sunny and the Mexican Dentist

Standing at "The Wall" in front of the Mexican Dentist office. People come over from the nearest US town and paint this wall on the Mexican side with bright pictures over the weekends.

I hear the tooth crack and go wonky when I bite into a hard piece of bacon.  I can’t chew comfortably on the left side of my mouth now so I have to find a local dentist and get a repair before I leave Benson.

My first attempt takes me about an hour’s drive from Benson to an office in Sierra Vista that resembles a dental factory.  After escorting me through a building filled with examination rooms, the dental assistant finds an empty room and seats me for an x-ray.  After a short consultation, the dentist determines that I need a root canal at a cost of about $2600.

I go home and give this some consideration.  After calculating the affect of using my dental insurance to help finance this fiasco, my total outlay is reduced to $1650 but will use up my entire annual benefit.  Then I think that since I am only an hour away from Mexico perhaps I should check into seeing a doctor there.  My friends rave about the ease of scheduling and the service that they receive from dentists across the border.

After getting recommendations from friends and satisfied customers, I make the call for an appointment in Naco.  For $550, I can get the root canal done in Mexico.  The cap costs $640.  The total will still save me $500 over using my insurance in the US, plus I still have insurance coverage in case of another issue further from the border.  In Mexico, I can pay as I go (check or cash) and get my medications there at a super discount too! 

Dental Results

I am very pleased with the work that I had done.  The office seems to have the latest in dental equipment.  My favorite is the digital x-ray machine that circles my head and scans my whole mouth while I stand still.  No batwings and lead shields in the exam chair. 

The anti-inflammatory/pain killer that the young lady dentist prescribes makes me feel better all over for the week that I have to take it.  My nurse sister tells me that this combo of acetaminophen and NSAID is not available in the US.  But for $3, I got a 2 week supply before I crossed back to the US.

This sleepy little town offers inexpensive dental care. I was not required to show a passport crossing over the border. My valid Florida driver's license was good enough.

If You Decide To Go...

Most people I question about their experience, seem pleased by the dental work they had done in Mexico.  But I did hear a few complaints that included out-dated procedures. Based on my findings, I would advise anyone to make sure they understand their dental options before agreeing to work on either side of the border.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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5 Replies to “Greetings from Moab”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    Never a dull moment is there. Glad you got the dental work done and hope that they did a good job. We are having the usual NC weather, summer one day and winter the next. If I could work the temps between 68 and 72 I would be tempted to go there. However gas for the RV has gone to $5.53 a gallon today, who knows what tomorrow. So guess we will dream awhile and wait till the prices go back down……………we hope…… Thanks for the note, glad to here you are still kickin and doing well. Love ya keep em comin. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      There certainly is not a dull moment. Fuel is definitely an issue right now. I figure I am paying close to $1 per mile just for fuel right now. RV parks are pretty empty though as people choose to stay parked.

    2. Jeff Peedin says: Reply

      Hey Jim. Jeff Peedin here. Call me 252-536-1327

  2. Diane Stephens says: Reply

    Great to see your fabulous adventures! Your toothies are very important to those good eats. Glad you did your homework. Keep up those lazy river moments.
    We are headed to Pensacola for some exploring, not to far from home for now. Be well!!!
    Tim & Diane

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for the kind words, Diane. Enjoy Pensacola and let me know if you find some great stuff while exploring!

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