Grand Oaks Museum and Resort

We are staying in a very restful part of Florida, but like everyone else at this time of year we have plenty of busy work to do in order to prepare for 2017.  Luckily for us, Matt and Sherry (our friends from Mesa Verde) were able to swing by on their way south and camp near us for a few days giving us a perfect excuse to ignore our chores and get out and play.  Following a recommendation made by our friend Donna during our NC visit, we trekked through the Ocala National Forest to the Grand Oaks Museum and Resort.  There we found the enormous carriage museum Donna had promised was there. The carriages here are meticulously restored and in many cases are pulled by incredibly lifelike fiberglass horses.  Our visit included a lunch at the museum and a bit of time watching carriages and horses being exercised on the grounds.  If you are in North Central Florida, this is a nice stop to make and if you are having too much fun to leave right away they even have a lovely RV park onsite for longer visits.

Dress Chariot for Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria

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Dress Chariot for Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria

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  1. Great pictures, you guys always find great places to see even in the desert. Thanks for sharing and glad your friends got to stop by to visit. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We are just lucky to have great friends like you who recommend cool places for us to visit. Glad to return the favor.

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