Good-bye Goblins, Hello Salt Lake City!

Goblin Valley Sunset

While we are out chasing Goblins through the refreshing evening air in the park, gremlins go to work in our motorhome.  We return to find our motorhome staging a rebellion to force us to move to a more amenable location.  We have been using only fans and the desert breeze to condition the coach while at Goblin Valley and the refrigerator has had enough. 

With outside air temps running in the 90’s (tomorrow in the 100’s) and no electric service, our LP gas fired fridge can’t hold its own to keep cool inside.  Each too often time we open it to check on how well it is working, it loses another 2-5 degrees and things are getting serious.

We are 20 miles from the nearest source of ice.  In these temps we will fight a losing battle trying to keep enough ice on hand to save our food.  We relent, pack up the RV and pull out a day early.  On the way to Salt Lake City we load up with ice and hope that nicer weather and the electric hookup at our next stop will cure our refrigerator woes.

Thanks to everyone who let us know how much you liked the drone video we shot in the park.  Before we say good-bye to Goblin Valley I would like to share with you the sunset pictures that you see me shooting in the video.

Goblin Valley State Park at Sunset

Goblin Valley Sunset

Goblin Valley Sunset


Goblin Valley Sunset

Goblin Valley Sunset

Goblin Valley Sunset


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7 Replies to “Good-bye Goblins, Hello Salt Lake City!”

  1. Wow. Beautiful pictures, they didn’t look real until I saw a Storm.
    Hope things get better in Salt lake. We use to go to lagoon amusement park there. It’s a water park too. Take care and Safe travels,
    Doug and Tracie.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks! Using the AC to cool the motorhome during the day seems to do the trick. May have to run it (and the generator) traveling until we reach cooler weather.
      Safe travels to you too!

  2. Gorgeous pictures.

    N Clement

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Almost as pretty as “ShowGirl” but not quite!

  3. Your getting so good with that camera. Thanks for sharing and won’t the converter take care of the fridge with the generator running? Ours will just fine. Safe travels and keep em coming.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks, I am sure working at it. Storm says the fridge won’t work on the inverter – it would really help if it did!

  4. Ruth Morgan says: Reply

    Beautiful!! The pictures look like something from a gallery!

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