Good Bye Bull Creek

The Palm Tree gives a good idea of wind speed and direction – this must be about a 20 mph tree

Our visit through the RV show trinkets and toys is cut short by the threatening winds and other assorted frightening weather predicted for Florida Sunday evening.  As we rush back to our RV in gusty, jeep buffeting winds, I hope that the coach does not take flight and leave without us.  In spite of the fact that each time we stop and get out of the Jeep we are bounced about like kites by the wind, we make it back to an undamaged coach and prepare to batten down the hatches against the approaching squall line. 

A debate ensues as to which slides to bring in (I want to bring them all in, Storm wants to bring in none) and we finally compromise by bringing in the one most likely to leak in a rainstorm.  Without TV, I find myself staring catatonically at the weather radar on my phone and nearly jump out of my skin when our phones simultaneously launch blaring alarms that there is a tornado warning for our area.  A  controversy arises regarding the dangers of running through lightening, mud, wind and torrential rain to the bathhouse versus staying where we are assuming that our phones actually know where we are (sometimes mine still believes I am in Olathe).  A half measure is agreed upon – we get in the Jeep (please don’t let hail fall on the new Jeep), ride to the bathhouse, watch the sky and listen for the sound of a freight train.  We are lucky and most of the bad weather completely skirts around us.

View from the dock where the sunsets each day are spectacular

Monday we begin preparations to leave Florida and head off to our butterfly gardener adventure (more on that later).  Before we leave, I’d like to share with you a few more tidbits about the surprising little campground at Bull Creek where we have been staying.  First of all, this campground is in the middle of nowhere and as a result is extremely quiet at night.  During the day, you will constantly hear the sounds of training aircraft overhead as small planes perform stalls and turns about a point in the practice area above this campground. 

Good food and wonderfully hospitable waitresses are just steps away at the Bull Creek Fish Camp Restaurant on site.  If you get tired of seafood, Pit Stop Pizza delivers the most cheesy mouth-watering pizza I have ever eaten right to your RV right out here in the boondocks.  We met many people while conducting our business here and from the Sheriff’s Deputy who helped us verify our RV for DMV to the many fishermen, other campers and fellow Fish Camp diners we found everyone to be extremely friendly and kind.  I sure hope we have time to return next year!

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  1. Just when you think nothing else is going on, nature steps in and fills the hole, Florida weather is something else again, but glad you got out of it unscathed. I suppose you have been told this before, Florida is where the storms learn to get together, Texas is where they really kick butt. Cover your 6 and take care out there. ;>) GOD BLESS


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