Gliding into Lakeview, Oregon (Tallest Town in Oregon)

Juniper Reservoir RV Resort
Storm demonstrates effects of dusty road on our air cleaner
Storm is frustrated by all the dust being sucked into our engine on dirt roads

First of all, the sign that warned of no services at the beginning of CR-140 was misleading.  One hundred and seventy-nine miles from that left turn onto CR-140 we arrive in Lakeview, Oregon.  But there are not services in this small town – only service.  We accidentally ride by that singular diesel station expecting to find another fueling depot on our way out of town.  Once parked at our campsite and interrogating the host about local offerings, we discover that we should have stopped at that first (and only) station.  We will have to backtrack 30 miles leaving town in order to fuel up.

The drive into the Junipers Reservoir RV Resort includes about 2 miles of gravel road.  I attempt to check our oil once parked and discover that our engine looks like a giant sand sculpture.  I excavate the dipstick out while Storm fusses about all the impenetrable dirt coating our engine.   He is most concerned about our induction air intake which is located near the ground at the rear of the coach in the vortex of the dirt devil that followed us into the park.  This $75 air filter on the intake is now choked with brown powder.  Before we leave this campground, Storm plans to fashion and install a “pre-filter” on our air cleaner intake.  He hopes to protect the filter from breathing in more dust on the ride out.

We learn that Lakeview is known as the Tallest Town in Oregon both for its elevation (4800′) and its reputation as the hang-gliding capitol of the west.  Our visit to a popular launch site above the town offers a great view but no gliders.  Gusty winds which endured throughout our visit apparently taper off in July and the sport picks up then.

With not much else to see close by, we spend a few days recharging at our campsite in a pastoral setting in the middle of a cattle ranch.  A google map app devised by the amiable hosts here allow me to exercise following the onsite hiking trails using my phone.  I frequently surprise cows as the trails wind through the many grazing areas here on this bucolic ranch.  The lowing of cattle, rustling of the wind and the fellowship with the friendly hosts here prepares us for the next leg of our journey.

Pictures from our stay at Lakeview, Oregon

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  1. Ruth Morgan says: Reply

    Love the “Weddin” sign!!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha! We were glad we planned to leave before the “weddin” got started in case there were shotguns involved 🙂

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