Getting a Lift in Moab

When we leave for Moab the winds are still a concern.  Turns out we are right to be cautious.  Upon arriving at our campground we learn that one RV rig set up on BLM land south of Moab had blown over onto its side that very day.  As Storm wrestles our rig up Hwy 191 toward Moab, we pass the remains of this apparently wind related accident. 

Behind this tow truck is the tractor part of a big rigHere are the remains of the trailer

Moab Lift Kit Update

The question is will our Jeep lift kit keep me calm on the Moab trails?  So far so good on that score.  I did not hear a single scrap on our two rides out this visit.  Storm does need to rotate the passenger side spring as somehow it is not properly seated at the top.  As a result of this mis-alignment, it occasionally groans on off-camber climbs.  I am anxious to get this fixed so that I am not wrongly blamed for those noises.

Jeep Rubicon near Moab
A happy Storm with nothing but air underneath

We are lucky to get a couple of chances to ride with Jack and his friend Irvin before they both leave suddenly.  Here are a few highlights from those trips.

We call this crocodile rock – can you see him on the left?
Tusher Tunnel
Storm, Jack and Irvin at Tusher Tunnel
Hidden Canyon
Lunch view at Hidden Canyon Overlook

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2 Replies to “Getting a Lift in Moab”

  1. Wind is hard to work with, even if you decide to stop and wait till it blows over, you could get in as much trouble sitting still sometimes as moving. Glad you guys made it OK an our prayers go to the folks that got blown over, hope they are OK, you can replace campers. Take care, and that aviation weather that you all learned so well is still paying off. ;>) GOD BLESSJDjim

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Yep – wind is a challenge on the ground or in the air. So glad that it has settled down here now and we are enjoying warm, sunny weather. Hope all is well with you guys too.

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