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I fixed my generator!  First I contact Barney of Simenson Generator Service in Tucson to plead with him to send a service truck out to me when he next has one in my area.  Now that I have all the bells and whistles on the RV set up for a long stay, breakdown and setting back up can take a half day; a work and time investment I would like to avoid.  He believes he can accommodate me and asks me to send him all the info about my generator.   Just before he hangs up, he suggests that I take some time over the weekend to troubleshoot the problem.

With this circuit breaker is off, the generator runs endlessly (assuming I still have 1/4 tank diesel)

While gathering photos and other details to send to him I determine that the generator does work sometimes.  But other times it cuts off after a minute.   If I switch the generator circuit breaker off so that it is not powering the RV, the generator itself runs fine as long as I will let it.  That tells me that the generator is not the problem.  Long story short, after starting and stopping the electrical system several times I see the pattern.  When the generator cuts off, the inverter panel shows the batteries as charged more than 90%.  Now I have a suspect. 

I Think I 've Got It!

A setting in this box, is shutting down the generator when the battery charge reaches 90%.

Once I disable the appropriate setting, my freshly serviced generator should work like a charm.  The reason I never had this problem before is because I rarely move fast enough to turn on the generator while the batteries still have a pretty full charge.

Slightly discharged and with the A/C or Microwave pulling a load as occurs when I am boondocking, the batteries never climb to 90% before I shut the generator off.  In the rest area with the RV running and charging the batteries, they are already above the cut off point when I crank up the generator.

I know that the generator can be programmed through the inverter panel to auto start and shutdown.  All I have to do is read the incomprehensible inverter panel book and find the setting to disable the auto shutoff.  I thought I had already done this in Wyoming, but obviously not.  After hours of mind numbing attempts, I decipher the programming instructions.  I convince the generator to run regardless of the battery state.  I may have also set it to make coffee in the morning, who knows?!

I phone Barney to cancel our upcoming appointment and I think he is as shocked as I am that I solved the problem.  I promise him that I will recommend that anyone in this area with generator problems call him.  He was very kind to me, was planning to go out of his way to send someone out to me.  Plus his faith in my trouble shooting abilities leads to the solution!

Leisure Time in Benson

Joining the local gain for some entertaining practice. Thanks to Barbara for this photo.

In the meantime, I stay busy enjoying the kind folks and plethora of activities offered in this park.  Dancing, singing, playing my banjo, broomstick exercise, marbles and bocci ball are just a few of the diversions available to me.  Of course I join Jane and Leyman as often as I can for more Jeepin’ experience.

Jane and Leyman take me to see the nearby Mastodon footprints.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my help with the trailer flooring in my last post. You guys are so awesome!

Happy Halloween to Everyone!

In Loving Memory

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8 Replies to “Generating Solutions”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! I remember my mom telling me that all the time. If you keep up you will become a master mechanic, you are well on your way and we are proud of you. Also glad to get this post, saw where Oklahoma and Texas has had some bad ice storms and snow and was hoping that you were not in that area anymore. Good to here from you and keep up the good work. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I was so thrilled that this worked out. Also glad that although it has been hot and dry here at least I have been safe from fires and bad storms. Thanks for the encouragement! You guys take care!!

  2. Michele Hilberth says: Reply

    Good for you! I know it feels great to solve those problems….wooo hoo! Happy Halloween to you! I grew and carved my pumpkin this year!!!!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I bet that pumpkin is a beauty! Thank you!

  3. Look at you, being a Double E. Good work.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks! That means a lot coming from a rocket scientist :-)

  4. Barbara L Kauffman says: Reply

    My money is always on you!
    Whew!!! Like reading a breathtaking suspense story. Not only a doer but a
    Teller of the tale most excellently.

  5. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Thank you!! Means so much to me coming from you! Hope things are just wonderful in Delaware – Hugs

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