Fun with Florida Wildlife

Wednesday morning Manatee Watch kayaking is proving to be one of my favorite things here in Florida.  The cool temps and calm, clear waters provide a meditative start to my day.   Although I will admit that I have not figured out how to assume kayak Yoga poses yet.  During a recent tranquil shift, I self shoot filler film to link the many wildlife videos I have collected over the past weeks.

My Wednesday partner and I love the stillness and peace of a morning on the water.
A Little Blue Heron fishes in the shallows

I hope you enjoy the following wildlife video collage that results from my efforts.  Near the end of the collection you will see a friendly closeup encounter I had last Wednesday with a Manatee.  To entice the juvenile to interact with me, I use a call that I hear the locals here employ to communicate with these magnificent animals.  That call?  “Hey, Sweetie…” What a nice southern touch!

Wildlife Gone, well... Wild!

Would you like a cheap vacation?

I am planning my trip west to Arizona in February.  Val had hoped to join me as passenger, but has decided to wait until I leave for Utah.  I could sure use a passenger to share the navigation with me.  If you think you would like to trek across the southern US in my RV with me, please contact me soon.  If you are one of my friends, you know how to get up with me. 

Depending on whether you wish to sight-see or just blaze across the south, the trip should take from 10-14 days.  If you don’t have that much time, I will gladly pick up a rider in New Orleans or Austin to make part of the trip together.  Should be a fun adventure, almost like traveling with Storm except with more rest stops and less dozing along the way.  You of course can nap all you want, but I should perhaps try a little harder to remain awake at least while we are moving!

In Loving Memory

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