Full Time Retirement Resumed

March 31st came at us as quickly and frigidly as an avalanche barreling down a steep slope.  The time has arrived for us to resume our retirement.  As much as Storm wants to finish the Air Cam and watch it fly, like a siren’s song warmer climes beckon us south and west.

Storm and Eddie got the Air Cam to this point before we left.This is what Storm hoped to do while in New Bern!

Racing to Florida

A stiff wind blows us out of New Bern Saturday morning.  Before we know it Storm is maneuvering us into a slot during Happy Hour on the I-95 International Speedway.  We catch a caution right around Lumberton and watch a aggressively lane changing rookie insert himself into a 4 car sandwich.  One hundred miles north of the normal backup heading into Savannah, the average pace slows to a crawl.  Having had more fun than we can stand already, we scoot over to traffic free, scenic Hwy 301. 

Our GPS spends the next few hours insisting that we turn left at each intersection.  She is committed to forcing us back into the mother of all traffic jams.  We resist her entreaties even when she demands that we “turn left on the next dirt road.”  Good grief, she has lost her mind! We are thrilled to discover that the speed limit between towns on Hwy 301 is 65 miles an hour.  That is lightning fast compared to the brake light flashing pace on the interstate!

April’s Fool – I don’t remember bugs being this big in Florida!

Visiting Venice

What a fabulous surprise our friends Phil and Theresa plan for us in Venice.  They offer to take us on a tour of the town, then treat us to an Easter meal cooked by the world renown chef – Mary Ann, Theresa’s mom.   OMG – the aqua-marine water, the puffy white clouds, the 24 hour salad, the tuxedo strawberries and the deviled egg peeps!  What an excellent day!

Snowy Egret
A snowy Egret enjoys Venice Beach
Along the jetty at Venice Beach
Along the jetty at Venice Beach
Peep Kabobs
Peep Kabobs
Phil and Theresa made our visit to Venice a blast. Thanks for treating us to Mary Ann’s culinary wonders!


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4 Replies to “Full Time Retirement Resumed”

  1. Valerie Bryant says: Reply

    Glad to see you are in your flip flops again!! Enjoy!!!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Me too – although I wore them in the cold but my toes were frozen :-)

  2. Now that was a BUG. :>( That is shotgun bug types. :>) Sorry to see you leave so soon, but don’t blame you one bit for doing so. Have a safe trip and maybe we can get together next time. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We hated to miss you guys too! We will definitely be looking forward to next time.

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