The Fruit Bowl Fills Up with Excitement!

If you remember our drone flight over the Fruit Bowl, you know I was disappointed that there was no one there except us when Jack led us out to this remote area.  We have encountered many young daredevils climbing rock walls and rappelling down from canyon tops around Moab all week. I believe this weekend will be a good time for us to re-visit the Fruit Bowl.  Maybe this time the bowl will be full.

When we arrive, we can’t see the canyon from the parking lot.  After about 1/3 mile hike, we begin to see activity in the bowl and I get excited.  Wow – there are high lines strung back and forth across the canyons everywhere!  People are walking out on the lines 400′ above the canyon floor.  There are short wires (about 70′) across the canyon mouth and wires as long as 700′ at the end of the canyon.

Preparing for a high wire walk
Preparing for a high wire walk, I think?

We learn that the high lines are often used on summer weekends.  A huge event in November attracts flocks of high wire practitioners as well as wingsuit jumpers.  To visit the Fruit Bowl, click here to view a map of the route from Moab.  About nine miles down Mineral Bottom Road, look for the 2nd cairn on the right after the cattle guard.

We are ready to leave when one of the high wire walkers encourages us to wait.  She promises that soon we will see a person jump off the side and swing in a rope chair at the bottom.  Who could refuse an invitation like that?  We watch a young lady prepare to jump. The rope is easily attached and the equipment checks seem good, but her psychological preparation takes a bit longer.  Finally she breaks through the mental restraints holding her back and with a yell and a dash for the edge, over she goes!  Storm does a great job capturing the jump on the video below (I could not bring myself to look over the edge :-))

Activity in the Fruit Bowl

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Jumping into the Bowl


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9 Replies to “The Fruit Bowl Fills Up with Excitement!”

  1. Ruth Morgan says: Reply

    I am most impressed by the yoga moves!!!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am glad you liked those moves. We see lots of energetic, hiking folks here that remind us so much of you and Scott. We keep hoping one day, we’ll cross paths with you guys on a hike!

  2. What does that poor uneducated child do, swing the rest of her life????? Does she ever land and how do they get all those lines across the canyon?????? And folks call flying dangerous, I will stick to airplanes thank you very much. Mercy!!!!!! GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am not sure what she is doing after this, but I agree with you. I prefer to have an airplane around me when I am flying through the air!

  3. Terrie says along with taking on Fins and Things in the back seat of a Jeep again she is very excited about trying the swing at the Fruit Bowl. She wants to know if you can round up some used ropes and equipment, maybe some of the castoffs that the daredevils leave behind so she won’t have the burden of having to buy all new accoutrements ;).

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I will definitely check into that for Terrie. I have more good news for her – if she can scrounge up and old tent and sleeping bag, they allow camping right there at the Bowl. She can swing all she wants day and night never leaving the canyon!

  4. Debbie, you have got to be young to do that stuff: flying through the air, walking on a tight rope,hanging down from the rope. Definitely not for me. But you should definitely give it a try. And get Charlie to take a video of it. I would love to see it!!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Tell you what – I’ll keep looking for an adventure suitable for both of us (age-wise, etc.)! I’ll be sure to let you know when I find the right thing :-)

      1. She still wouldn’t have done it even when she was young! We were in our 20s and visited Bush Gardens in Williamsburg and I thought I finally had her convinced to ride a roller coaster. We were in line and just as we got to where we were going to get into the car I turned around and she was gone, looked up and I could just see here disappearing over a nearby hill.

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