Freezing in Wisconsin

Even though we checked the weather thoroughly prior to departure in the Lance for our flight to AirVenture 2013, somehow we missed that the temperatures had dropped to record lows.  I did not pack for highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s so the first day was a shock (it was July for goodness sake!).  A quick trip to a local Target for a pair of long pants and quite a bit of walking helped warm me up.  I apologize for not posting during the show, but the wireless access for the campsite was even weaker than last year.  Given a choice between shivering beside a light pole under the router while waiting for an extremely slow upload or dozing in my comfy sleeping bag, I chose a warm snooze.

This year’s AirVenture was filled with thrilling things for me and I will spread my posts over several days so that you are not overwhelmed with all my ravings.  Here are a few of the highlights:

I was treated to gourmet meals and true southern hospitality at the EAA Aviators Club (thanks again Wendy, Autumn and Katie – you are terrific!!)

I met and had my photo taken with Bob Hoover and Sean Tucker:

I had dinner with our friends from Flyinn New Zealand and met lots of new friends from all over the US and the world.

My favorite T-Shirt seen at the show:

FAA Mission Statement

“We’re not happy until you’re not happy”

Of course that does not apply to the actual ATC folks who run the tower at the show and work the approach at Fisk – they are fabulous and unbelievably great to work with.  If you have not yet flown your own plane to this show, it is a must for your bucket list!

Here is my first video from the show:


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