From my house on July 4th, I have a 360 degree view of firework displays. I occasionally think for a moment that it would be fun to go see a display in the big city then I remember that at my house there are no crowds, no traffic and if last night is any indication, more fireworks than get shot off at Thunder Over Louisville! So from the privacy of my own backyard, I was able to practice taking pictures of fireworks. I studied up at this site first: How to take pictures of fireworks

While I did not achieve quite the same results as those from the article above, I did at least get some pictures of fireworks. Next time, I will try it where there might actually be something more picturesque in the background than my neighbor’s houses. One hint – having the black sheet of paper to hold over the lens between blasts REALLY makes a difference. Here are my shots:

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  1. Nice photos! Look out National Geographic, there’s a new photographer in town.

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