Finally Landed at the Big House

Downtown Laramie has murals on almost every building. This is one of my favorites.

Yes, I arrived safely in Laramie last week.  Matt and Sherry are also here.  I learn this week that Jack and Nina are on their way too so it will soon be a big party here at the prison.  Yippee!

From Moab to Laramie

My ride up from Moab is uneventful (hurray!).  When I reach I-80, I am lucky to be traveling on a day with light winds making my ride very smooth.  I learn after parking in Laramie that calm winds are a gift not often received here.  If you are considering traveling CO 13 from I-70 to I-80 in a big rig, I recommend it.  Two lanes most of the way, this route offers plenty of pull-offs, eye-catching scenery, crop dusters paralleling the road and reasonable grades where the road climbs or descends.

Be Aware – There is a construction zone between Rifle and Meeker that is worse than driving off road.  This single lane track requires waiting quite a while for a “follow me” truck to lead a lengthy line of cars in each direction.  Once moving, the “road” consists of a dirt path with many frame jarring potholes.  The going through this section including the wait for the truck takes patience.

Whimsical Weather

You know how people always joke that in their city if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour?  Well here the fact is you only have to move a few feet in any direction and everything can change drastically.  Sherry and I can sit on my patio beside each other and be in completely different climates.  I expect to get most of my exercise here changing clothes every few minutes to adapt to the latest meteorological conditions.

Lots of train tracks in Laramie, but the trains are pretty quiet compared to Benson and other places I have parked.

I Like Laramie

I am not complaining though.  Laramie is a lovely town with the warmest people whose friendliness more than compensates for the unexpected weather turns.  For example, today I spend the morning with Matt and Sherry browsing the partly sunny streets of downtown Laramie.  Locals greet us along the sidewalk and offer suggestions for our visit. 

The Chocolate Lady (every town should have one of these) gives us a lengthy list of restaurants and bars along with her personal menu suggestions that we must try while in town.  Before we can finish lunch and dash the mile home, a rain storm overtakes us.  The now dark sky threatens us with ominous, snowy looking clouds.  What begins as a gentle rain quickly transforms into a sleet storm.  Now I am hunkered down in the RV with all heaters on trying to dry and thaw out.  While I wait for that to happen, I can share these shots from my very few outings around the prison site and Laramie.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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4 Replies to “Finally Landed at the Big House”

  1. As I write this comment, I look outside the window at your RV and it is snowing! We may wake up to several inches if this keeps up!! But Matt and I really like this town so far and spending the next few months with you, Jack and Nina!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I can’t believe how much snow has accumulated since I posted – had my back to the window and all snow broke loose. Sure hope that creek beside the prison doesn’t rise any more because of this!

  2. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    And we think NC weather is crazy. ;>) hang on kids the town has obviously made it so you can too. ;>) Does the prison have a name? sure is petty country and a neat little town, Have fun and send all the pictures you can get. ;>) You can KEEP THE SNOW though. :>) GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am sure I can make it! The prison name is Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Park. Thank goodness the snow left quickly and is almost all gone!

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