A Final Visit to Junction City – We Hope!

Low Ceiling

On Sunday the wind at the coast calms and the ceilings drop to six feet.  We drive to Junction City after work to get a new end tank installed on our radiator.  If the RV Gods are smiling on us, this will be the last of our RV repairs for a while.  Matt and Sherry, who have been medically detained in Corvallis for the last 6 weeks waiting for Sherry’s broken leg(s) to mend meet us at Brian’s shop shortly after we arrive.  Warning to RVers – watch those steps exiting the rig.  According to statistics, the number one RV accident involves a fall down the exterior steps.  When exiting your rig, back carefully down please!

Waiting for Sushi
Waiting for yummy Sushi – Thanks Matt and Sherry!!

Matt and Sherry help quell my sushi withdrawal pains by chauffeuring Storm and me to an authentic Japanese restaurant in Corvallis.  This quaint little riverside college town deserves a revisit.  I imagine that Storm and I will have to return someday on our own though.  After 6 weeks of forced stay here Matt and Sherry seem ready to move on.

Meanwhile back at the shop, in a flurry of turning wrenches and squealing ratchets, Brian sets a mechanical speed record installing the end tank on our radiator.  We arrived late Sunday afternoon and parked in front of his shop ready for our Monday morning repair appointment.  By 3:30pm Monday he has removed and reinstalled our charge air cooler, radiator and end tank.  Brian and Storm working together are like the NASCAR Pit Crew of old Country Coaches.  Hurray!!

More Oregon Photos

At a blueberry farm near Cape Blanco
At a blueberry farm near Cape Blanco
Storm Harvesting Blueberries
Storm Harvesting Blueberries
Mushrooms along the Coastal Forest Trail
Mushrooms along the Coastal Forest Trail
Cape Blanco mushrooms
We did not attempt to eat these


Thistles in the Coastal Forest near our campsite
Thistles in the Coastal Forest near our campsite


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  1. And I thought the number one cause of RV accidents was telling your significant other that she was putting on weight.

  2. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Storm says telling your SO she seems to be gaining weight is not number 1, but it is #2 and #3 and #4… ?

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