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Fins & Things

I am concerned that without Terrie’s cinematography on today’s trip to Fins & Things, my video of this exhilerating and sometimes bone jarring ride will be run of the mill.  If you were following me last year, then you are aware that Terrie has a unique avant gard style.  Last year she chose to record her entire Fins & Things ride from the floor in the back seat of a 4-door Rubicon.  She captured cutting edge shots including close-ups of the jeep ceiling and slightly out of focus photos of the back of Storm’s head.  Not a single shot of the scenery outside the Jeep is included in her bold documentation.  Terrie’s type of vision and originality is difficult for someone with my limited resources to duplicate.

My angst is as misplaced as a tube top on a Sumo wrestler because I have my sister, the eminently creative Windy Weathers with me today.  From the right seat of Jim’s side-by-side and with his direction, she employs her creative genius to capture a different perspective as Storm battles grueling obstacles.  From the Rubicon, Weldon operates the window/GoPro combination to provide an “in- Jeep” camera angle.  From the backseat of the Rubicon, I attempt to channel my inner Terrie to direct the photography.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented folks – check out the video below for a slightly accelerated romp over the indescribably adhesive slick Rock.

Fins & Things Video

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8 Replies to “Fin & Things from a Different Point of View”

  1. Well I can’t say this brought fond memories. My stomach is still churning and I’m not even there! Dean kept saying “Terrie you need to see Debbie’s blog”. Then it dawned on me where you guys were.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Well the ride brought back to me warm memories of you! If it makes you feel any better I rode in the back seat of the Jeep this time. Because it is a 2-door, it is too small for me to get in the floor, but I did spend a lot of time with my eyes closed. The rest of the time I spent picking up all my stuff out of the floor only to have it fall back down on the next bump!

      1. I feel your pain Debbie… Dean thinks you guys should trade the 2-door rubicon in for a 4-door so you could enjoy the experience from the floor! I told him it sounds like you enjoyed it good enough from where you were seated. If I could have I would have walked home. But from my vantage point I didn’t think that was feasible. I probably would have gotten myself lost trying to venture out on my own. That would not have been good. Anyway it is a very good video of the experience and the editing was excellent!

        1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

          Hahaha! Thanks for defending me and for liking the video!

  2. WOW what a trip, thanks for sharing you guys are really getting good at making movies. Might even make one to get paid on, I would send this to a JEEP dealer to see what they thought about advertising their equipment. Have fun and keep up the good work. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thank you! I was lucky to have so much help with this one.

  3. Thanks for posting the video. My family won’t believe what we did! It was so much fun meeting you all.
    Susan & Bruce

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      It was great meeting you both and I hope we see you again sometime soon!

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