Fiesta Treasures Include More Than Balloons

Fiesta Treasures

During the week of Fiesta, balloon activities dominate my days.  But I can never overlook the many other wonderful people and attractions that encompass me while I work.  One of the greatest treasures here are my fellow volunteers.  With them I share great destinations, volunteering joys and RV success or disaster stories.  Here are just a very few of the wonderful folks Storm and I hang out with during Fiesta.

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Besides being treated to the delightful personalities of our fellow volunteers, we are also recipients of their generosity.  Myong and her husband David graciously prepare a traditional Korean meal for our group.  Having never sampled Korean cuisine before, I find it to be exquisite.  Good-bye sushi, hello kimchi!  Linda was gracious enough to teach a t-shirt braiding class during our idle hours before Fiesta week.  Now I finally have a use for Storm’s old T-Shirts.  Christmas gift spoiler alert:  you may be receiving a nicely braided re-purposed XL Tee!

Storm enjoying Korean fare
Storm enjoying Korean fare

Albuquerque Chinese Light Festival

Monte, Storm and I manage to stay awake late enough one weekday night during Fiesta to visit the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albuquerque.  This display at the New Mexico Fairgrounds is similar to the light festival we shivered through in Cary, North Carolina last December. The lights here appear clearer to us perhaps because the warm, sultry evening spares us from the quivers of erupting goose bumps we suffered in December.  During the evening performance, contortionist weave themselves into origami like poses.  Watching them fold in half and back through a small drum, I realize I am not nearly limber enough.  I can hardly fold myself into the Jeep – guess it is time to work on my Yoga!

View from my Fiesta Office Window

Even though I work during many of the Fiesta events, the view from my registration office window provides a variety of entertainment.

Pencil Boy
Check out the balloon reflections in Pencil Boy’s sunglasses
Pegleg Pete
Pegleg Pete drifts by while I am working
Training Lineman
View of training linemen from Registration Booth
Mass Ascension View from Registration Booth
Deflating Balloon
Balloon deflating in the street beside registration office

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