Fiddlin’ Around in Benson, AZ

Before we start climbing the shelf road in our jeeps, Leyman stops the convoy and walks back to my window. In a deep, somber voice he says, “I called to get the road conditions up ahead before we left and a photographer who travels up here all the time told me that his last trip up this road scared him more than ever. So be sure to hug the wall crawling up.”

Mac and Wanda (my passengers) right before Leyman informs us that this may be our last Jeep ride in this life.

My passengers faces morph into grave expressions of concern and mild terror as I downshift to 4 wheel low and prepare to meet my maker and hopefully Storm too. In spite of the dangers foretold by the photographer, the road has been recently graded. For a rocky, cliffhanger most of our passage is pretty easy stuff. We take a break at China Camp where the laborers who mined nearby lived. Retracing our ascent, we take a BLM valley road to visit Council Rocks. This little known historic stop is decorated with pictographs and grinding mortars thought to be over 1000 years old (by someone on the internet – if you want more factual info you should probably research more deeply than I did).

A little tight squeeze but no real scary stuff on this ride in the Dragoons.
Under the rocks at Council Rock
Our leaders and tour guides

Christmas with Covaid

So that’s what I have been up to for the last little bit. Oh and over the Christmas holidays, I contract an extremely mild case of Covaid that resembles a hardly noticeable head cold.

This in spite of being completely vaccinated.  I am among the last of the folks who actually remain in quarantine for 10 days. The CDC changes the rule to five on the day I am released from my RV prison.  I can see why this is spreading so quickly though.  I thought my allergies were acting up.  The Covaid test I picked up from Walgreen’s was just to prove to my music friends that my sniffles were not indicative of Covaid.  That certainly did not work out as I planned.

My darling, sweet friends take pity on me Christmas Eve quarantined inside my rig. They pay me a visit and set up luminaries around my rig. What Angels! Thanks to all of my wonderful friends here who tried to cheer me up from a distance during my 10 day detention.

Some Additional Holiday Stress

Emergency temp fridge in place. Now working to find someone to fix my real one.

While I am in quarantine, my refrigerator stops working. At first, I am overwhelmed with the conundrum of dealing with this challenge, not starving to death and not infecting anyone else. My music family comes to the rescue in a flash.

Connie responds to my text plea for help by rounding up a dumpster fridge and organizing a rapid response fridge delivery team. The dorm size unit they squeeze into my rig allows me to have food through the holidays until I complete my medical sentence.

Otherwise I have been jamming everyday that I possibly can with my many, many musical family and friends staying here at the park. Some days it is fiddles and dulcimers, others I play banjo with a variety of other musicians.

 But everyday is a musical blast. By the time I play music for several hours, walk 5-10 miles, do broomstick exercise and test my twinkle toes at dance class or with the boot scootin’ crowd on Friday nights, I am almost too tired to do chores or worry about the multitude of pesky problems that my petulant RV devises to plague me.

A Musical Future

It's Bluegrass Festival time out west now. Last weekend I traveled to Casa Grande, AZ for a small one. This weekend I am off to California to enjoy the Blythe Bluegrass Festival. More about those in the next post.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow me as I travel all over the US in my Country Coach RV volunteering, making new friends and pursuing a constant outdoor temperature between 70F and 80F. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks I learn!

6 Replies to “Fiddlin’ Around in Benson, AZ”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    WOW! What a great time even in adversity. Love the bluegrass and wish I was there to join you. I have been trying to play the guitar but my left hand keeps crimping up, guess I need more practice to get it in shape. Thanks for the note, we were getting worried about you. Take care and keep em coming. Love you kid. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

  2. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Sorry taking so long to post but time flies here! Wish you were here to enjoy the music too!
    Love you both!

  3. Howdy,
    Enjoyed your adventures and facts! Camper and music buddies are the best. Let us know if you hit our pleasant Florida temps(summer no ?)!
    Keep em rolling!!!
    Tim and Diane S.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I hope we reach your temps soon! I am tired of being chilly … brrr
      Thanks for following me!

  4. Sunny,
    RC & I sure miss you! Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we’re moving to the Springs in June, is that far enough West that you might visit periodically? I sure hope so! Much love from T.H.E. & RC!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      So great to hear from you! I will be in touch – love you guys!

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