Farewell to Airventure 2018

We are well on our way to Spearfish, SD so it is time to say good-bye to Airventure 2018.  I finish my coverage of this event with a review of my favorite warbirds from the show and follow below with pics of my favorite airshow planes.  For a giggle, first click here to see a video of me performing acrobatics with the Aeroshell team!

Sunny’s Warbird Pics

T-6 Canopy Cover
The cover on this T-6 mimics the actual canopy of the plane. Storm and I are impressed with the ingenuity of this.
This B-25 bomber is now piloted by an all female crew. The crew sells shirts with the Devil Dog nose art printed on them. Storm and I now have a complete wardrobe of these shirts!
AC-130 Gunship
AC-47 Gunship aka Spooky or Puff the Magic Dragon (thanks Foul W!)
AT-11 Bomber Trainer
AT-11 Bomber Trainer

Favorite Planes from Airshow

Twin Yak
Twin Yak 110 (otherwise known as 2 – Yak 55’s with a jet engine)
Cutting Ribbons
Cutting Ribbons
Twin Yak waiting to perform
Twin Yak waits to perform

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Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow Stormy (my personal full time RV mechanic and repairman) and me as we travel all over the US in our Country Coach RV. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks we learn!

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  1. AC-130 should be AC-47, aka “Puff the Magic Dragon”, or “Spooky” and many other cute, crew names not printable here. love always, kiss kiss, FoulW. 🙂

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