Falling for the Falls

The fake waterfalls in the animal viewing areas at Bear Country make me pine for a few plummeting cascades au naturel.  The scenic drive along Spearfish Canyon offers trails to several such falls.  Ready for an adventure, we pack a lunch and take a dusty dirt back road to Roughlock Falls.  While a lovely display of plunging mists, these falls are almost always in the shadows. We decide to travel a short mile further to Spearfish Falls for a better lit and more photogenic example of aquatic might.

In Search of Waterfalls

Pretty, but unnatural waterfalls at Bear Town

At the end of our outing, I persuade Storm to attempt a challenging visit to the Devil’s Bathtub.  The challenge is to find a place to park without ruffling the feathers of one of the disgruntled homeowners there.  They don’t seem pleased that so many folks searching for a cool respite are traipsing through the woods near their homes.

A Tricky Trail

Picnic at Roughlock falls before hiking out to explore

The trail to the bathtubs is marked with signs at first.  Next we encounter little pieces of red surveyor tape lashed to tree limbs.  We hope the red tape means “this way” and does not mean “DANGER!!”  We follow what we believe to be the path to the tubs and are forced several times to cross the creek meandering beside the trail.  Glad we wore our old shoes! Walking in the water seems wiser than being upended by rickety logs and wobbly rocks then falling in the shallow stream.

A Visit to Devil’s Bathtub

Waterfall Pics

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  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    WOW, pretty water falls, glad you took the challenge and shared it with us. Water looks really clear, I would have been temped to go skinny dipping in that one you were setting by. :>) Take care and keep em coming. GOD BLESS

    1. Skinny dipping would be tempting except the water is so cold that you would need a fur coat :-)!!

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