Escape From Arctic New Bern

CJ 3
Oh yes, this is the way to travel!!

Forget Global Warming, New Bern seems to be serving penance in a regional freezing climate change purgatory this year.  Thank heavens Storm and I escaped the chilly gloom for a few hours Saturday.  The owner of the Air Cam Storm is helping to build offered to jet us down to Florida for a few hours of soothing warmth this weekend.  The night before our trip, we almost slept on the hangar floor in front of the airplane steps.  No way did we want to miss this flight!

New Bern to Sebring for Lunch

New Bern
Over arctic New Bern on Landing

The sporty Citation CJ3 climbed like an express elevator rocketing 5500 feet per minute toward Sebring.  Nestled in the back, I dreamed of the tropical greeting awaiting me there. Somehow the persistent moderate to gale force breeze that shadows me everywhere I go lately beat us to Sebring.  As a result, I was not able to thaw out as thoroughly as I hoped to before we were wheels up headed back to arctic New Bern.  Awesome trip though and here are some highlights.

Sunny Does Sebring

Sebring Airport
Sebring Racetrack on Landing

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2 Replies to “Escape From Arctic New Bern”

  1. The sorrows of the JET SET. :>) Glad you got the trip, and sorry that it was not warmer than it was. Look what you got to look forward to in a couple of weeks. Warm sunny weather out west then snow up to your ………. in Dakota. :>)) The life and memories of a full time RV’er. Thanks for the note, and take care, hope to see you soon. GOD BLESS

    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I know – what a rough life 🙂 We head south tomorrow. Come on sunshine!!
      Hope things warm up here for you guys but not too much. Wouldn’t want such a cold winter to be followed by a blistering heat wave. I hope this summer is “just right.”

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