Yes, I am Still Alive and Kickin’

Heaven knows I would understand if you all thought that like the wicked witch of the West, I had melted.  I almost did!  This is my first Southwestern summer and I did not expect for every day’s temps to soar above 100 degrees.  Since Arizona is NOT on daylight savings time, the coolest part of the day is between 4 and 7am.  I learn to make the most of the early morning bearable temps.  My neighbors have learned to accept banjo music with breakfast.  Afternoons are siesta time!

I hate to make excuses but am certainly not above doing it. So as way of explanation of the great length of time between my posts, here is an update on how I have been spending my time.

Maybe if I live like a cactus, I can survive the heat at my new home.

What Has Been Happening Here

I sold my RV, bought a mobile home in Arizona and am working very hard to head back to the East for visits with friends and family.  I may have also traded my Jeep for a new pickup truck.  But given the vague answers from the Chevy dealer here in response to my inquiries regarding the supposed whereabouts of my alleged new vehicle, it remains to be seen how that transaction will play out.

If I do get my truck next week, I plan to head to the east sometime the following week.  I hope to see as many of my friends in the area as I possibly can.  Please let me hear from you if you will be able to get together with me during the next month or so.


In the midst of all of this personal business (which I am calling hard work), I started a Bluegrass band. Because there are so many musicians living near me there are lots of open jams near my house.  I normally attend one of the 2 hour jam sessions within a mile of my house 5 days a week.  Two days a week, the jam is actually at my house – very convenient!  In addition to jamming, I normally practice by myself 1-2 hours a day hoping to master the banjo, fiddle and mandolin.  If I didn’t love it so much, it might seem almost like a job.

After jamming together so often, my friends and I began performing around town at local venues to entertain (mostly ourselves) this summer.  I didn’t actually set out to start a band, but it worked out that people around here like Bluegrass and my friends here sure like to entertain.  So we try to make folks happy by combining the two.

The Band

The Band "Sunny and the Sodbusters"
View from one of our evening performances

Exploring Northern Arizona

Sitting in southern Arizona, overwhelmed by chores related to my lifestyle change, I desperately need a break.  Michelle comes to my rescue when she agrees to join me for a trip to the Grand Canyon.  I have been to the South Rim.  I even rode the mules halfway down once with Stormy.  But I have never been to the North Rim nor have I ever taken the Grand Canyon Railroad trip out to the South rim.  Michelle and I plan to do both.

Our trip includes the train ride and an overnight stay at the South Rim.  We also stay at the lodge on the North Rim for a couple of nights.  Lots of hiking at both rims but nothing crazy for us.  On our trip south through Flagstaff we tour the Lowell Observatory where the “not a planet”, Pluto was discovered.  To our great disappointment, rain clouds prevent us from getting to look through the telescopes there for a close up heavenly sight.

On my bucket list was a side trip to Winslow, Arizona so that I could stand on the corner.  Michelle took my picture on the famous corner there.  One more check off my list.  We finish this tour of Arizona sights by swinging through the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert headed back to Tucson.

Favorite Vacation Photos

Hoping to see many of you soon!



In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

About Sunny Weathers

Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow me as I travel all over the US in my Country Coach RV volunteering, making new friends and pursuing a constant outdoor temperature between 70F and 80F. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks I learn!

23 Replies to “Yes, I am Still Alive and Kickin’”

  1. Yayyyyyyy, you’re alive and well. My three USAF years in Las Vegas taught me all too well about the summertime desert temps. Some even say that is where I became the half-baked man I am. True. Anyway, please do holler (NC-speak) when you have a visit plan. Tami and I are not that far from Bob in Chapel Hill. Have car, will travel. Keep the scribes coning. Best, Jim.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      LOL, oh that is what happened to me, I got half baked too!!
      I will definitely give you guys a holler. Sure looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Ooh Ahhhh!!!!!
    Love this update!!! I’d love to catch up when you are here in FL…. text me!!!

    Deb Robbins aka Cookie xxx

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I will. So great to hear from you!!!

  3. Diane Stephens says: Reply

    It’s about time…love it when you catch up with us. Dade City awaits or if some Floridians have a Deb meet-up spot, let us know. Travel on girl.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Happy late birthday to you!!! Looks like Florida may have to get on my list for next year. Sadly I expect this trip will be limited to NC as I have lots of chores to take care of there.
      Thanks for the kind wishes!

  4. I have been thinking about you and wondering where you’re wandering!!! Thanks for the update. If you’re coming to NC to cool off….fuhgedaboudit – it’s crazy hot. Be safe and continue to have fun!!

    Mary Miller (Rex Wellness buddy)
    P.S. Rex Garner closed!! :(

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hi Mary,
      I heard about the Wellness Center – so sad to learn about the closing. It is awesome to hear from you though. I know what you mean about the weather. Although hot here, at least it is dry. Not sure I remember how to do humidity AND heat any more.

  5. WOW IT LIVES!!! :>)))) Sure good to hear from you and hope we can get together when you come back. Not much new here other than being HOT AND HOT but that will soon be gone then folks will complain about being cold again. ;>) Excited about your pickin and grinnin, our youngest son Bill and his boy Blake are both great guitar players, I don’t play much anymore but love to listen. Take care drive safe and look forward to seeing you soon. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I sure would love to get together with you guys. Maybe Bill and Blake can join us and we can all play a song or two?

  6. Look forward to being part of your journey home. Biggie and Bob

    N. Clement

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Ditto, can hardly wait to see you!

  7. Add me the list of folks who’d like to see you! Glad you’re doing well!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I sure will! I plan to be in Garner for several days. As soon as I know the dates, I will let you know and Sally too!

  8. Would love to see you when you are back in the area.
    David Knight

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hi David, I will get up with you once I know exact dates. Thanks!

  9. I’m glad to hear you survived the blistering summer heat in sunny AZ. You are a better woman than me. I would not have lasted. Was also surprised earlier when I heard to had settled down. I do hope it was a good decision. A band. How bout that. Send a sound bit so along sometime so we can hear. You have had many changes lately.. Change is always good. Love reading your blogs. We miss the gypsy lifestyle but have learned to be content in our stick built home. Miss you. Keep,in touch.

    1. I am glad to have survived summer too! I know what you mean about missing the life, but like you I am finding lots of other things to keep me happy.

  10. So great hearing from you! Sounds like you stay busy all the time. Stay safe and maybe we will get see you when you head home?? Beverly

    1. I will try and give you a call when I get to Garner.

  11. Hi Deb!
    So glad to hear you sold the coach and have settled in your new home and formed a band! Wow you’ve been quite busy. So happy for you my friend. Enjoy your new ride ….when you get it and enjoy the east. Keep on keeping on??

  12. Hi Deb!
    So glad to hear you sold the coach and have settled in your new home and formed a band! Wow you’ve been quite busy. So happy for you my friend. Enjoy your new ride ….when you get it and enjoy the east. Keep on keeping on??

    1. Thanks, I am gonna try my best!

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