An Eclectic Tour of Southern Colorado

Football Field

While visiting Monte, southern Colorado becomes our eclectic playground.  Sure we could have stamped off a few more National Parks from this area in our Passports, but Monte has more exceptional plans.  Eccentric local landmarks, a small town football game and assorted crowds of wildlife add adventure to our explorations.  Here are some highlights from our visit.

Bishop’s Castle

Bishop Castle Sign
This was the least verbose of the signage. I am still not sure if we were there legally – we weren’t drunk, but we do pay taxes.

The approach to this unfinished monument is lined with opinionated pieces of plywood.  Judging from their content, Monte is not the only person in this county who had to overcome obstacles to secure a building permit.  Of course, I believe Monte intends to actually follow the building codes.  This structure seems to have been constructed in a much less restricted fashion.  The three of us manage to cautiously climb up to the Grand Ballroom.  There, our concerns that the lacy looking iron work might not support us, force us to make like Elvis and “leave the building.”  Not every visitor shares our lack of faith in the flimsy filigree decorating this castle.  Safely at ground level, we observe folks posing for selfies while clinging to the tops of the turrets.  We choose to depart before anyone unexpectedly performs a swan dive.

Friday Night Football

Monte has a friend whose son quarterbacks for a local high school team so off we go for our first exposure to 6 man football.  In this game only 6 players per team can be on the field.  Here are the rules as I understand them.

Friday Night Football
6 Man Football

The field is only 80 yards long.  Each quarter last only 10 minutes and once a point spread of 42 is reached, the game ends.  Field goals earn 2 points and conversions earn only 1 point.  Once the ball is in play, no forward pass can be thrown until a lateral pass is first thrown. 

 In just a few plays the visitors for whom were are cheering rack up a quick 36 points forecasting a quick rout of the home team.  Fortunately in spite of the one ill mannered parent who boos his actions, the visiting coach allows his inexperienced players to tackle a full length game.  The high spirits, sportsmanlike behavior and enthusiasm of both the losing and winning teams testify to the positive values taught in this game.

Pueblo and Salina

Over the next few days, we stroll the canal walk in downtown Pueblo and check out the kayak slalom run in Salina.  Along the way we skirt around a flock of wild turkeys, stop to photo a herd of big horn sheep and almost twist our necks turning backwards in our seats to watch a mother bear and three cubs lope across the interstate behind us.  At each ranch entrance a stationary bronze elk grazes majestically.  Evidence perhaps of an excellent bronze elk salesman’s track through this area?

Pictures from our Southern Colorado Travels

Riverwalk in Salina, CO
Riverwalk in Salina, CO
Kayak Slalom Course in Salina, CO
Kayak Slalom Course in Salina, CO
Pueblo Bike Rack
Fishy Bike Rack at Pueblo Riverwalk
View from Pueblo Riverwalk
View from Pueblo Riverwalk
Pueblo Riverwalk
Storm on Pueblo Riverwalk
Cathedral in Bishop's Castle
Cathedral in Bishop’s Castle
Bishop's Castle
Bishop’s Castle
Staircase at Bishop's Castle
Staircase at Bishop’s Castle
Big Horn Sheep
Grazing Big Horn Sheep



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