Drone Flight Over Colorado Ranch

Sunrise View

Thank Goodness Monte allows drone flights over his Colorado ranch. For the first time in months Storm flexes the orange bird’s wings.   When he remembers to turn on the drone camera, Storm gets some nice footage showing the expanse of the ranch’s boundaries.  The overhead views show just how tight parking is at the ranch. If Monte continues to make progress, the next time we arrive a house and garage will sit where we are parked. 

At the end of each flight Storm and Remy play with the drone.  A couple of times, she almost had this vexing orange bird in her jaws! 

Drone Flight Over the Colorado Ranch

Remy Finally Teaches Storm to “Sit” and “Stay”

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2 Replies to “Drone Flight Over Colorado Ranch”

  1. Great drone footage of the Colorado Ranch. Who won – dog or machine?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      It was a close match but Storm managed to narrowly keep the drone out of Remy’s reach. Once the drone landed, Remy calmly plodded over and gave the drone a friendly lick!

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