Drastic Weather Requires Drastic Measures

My spacious parking spot on the hill in Benson turns out to be a poor choice once Spring smelters in with soaring temps and pushy northwest winds.  The sun, now unhampered by even a contrail (seriously look in your sky – when is the last time you saw a contrail since COVAID-19 started?) to block a few of its rays, relentlessly cooks the RV with me inside as a tough, elderly stuffing.

Joe and Carol generously help me install a screen extension on my awning for more shade. Thanks a million guys!

I add a screen extension for my awning hoping to reduce some of the solar heating.  The wind here is so unpredictable and gusty I find myself rolling the awning in and out like a demented robotic arm.  The shade it offers is too little and too rare.

I decide that I absolutely must find another spot in this park with a little more shade.  One finally opens up when one of the refugee campers rolls the dice and strikes out for Missouri.

What a Difference a Tree Makes

One of Storm’s favorite songs called “Southern Suggestions” includes the lyrics “never stand in the sun when you can sit in the shade.”  I understand that this applies well in the Deep South, but in Arizona it is more than a suggestion.  It is a life saving edict.

As much as I dread packing up the whole RV, hooking up the trailer, moving a few hundred yards and then setting it all back up, I have no choice.  I will be here at least another 2 weeks.  With April temps in the upper 90’s, I won’t survive May in this shadeless, windblown spot.

Joe and I maintain social distance while installing my new screen room.

Hookup Help

I receive many kind offers for assistance with my move, but I need the practice working by myself.  On move day, I am up at dawn which in Arizona with no Daylight Savings Time is about 3am (just kidding it is not until 4:30am).  Surprising myself, I hook the trailer to the Jeep for positioning behind the RV in no time at all. 

Save a Marriage - buy a hitch camera. I use the iBall Pro Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera.

I spend a little longer attaching the trailer to the RV, but that is just because there is a time delay in the video from the camera on the RV hitch to the display in the RV cockpit.  Sending the video over the longer distance takes a little more time to transmit for some reason.  But darned if I don’t line right up on the ball and back right under it. 

Wow, that was easy! In fact I wish we had purchased one of these when Storm was alive. Many a frustrated word would not have been uttered if Storm could have watched the video and backed up himself rather than issuing to me obtuse directional instructions (like go left or go right – what does that even mean???) to get me to back under the hitch.

Are Things Getting Better ...or Worse?

When I finally gain admission to the grocery store today, there is toilet paper for the first time in over a month.  For a moment I just stand in the aisle surrounded by the abundant white fluffiness.  Then I realize that I have only two choices for my bathroom hygiene needs and those are the Super Saver Pack of 36 rolls and the Jumbo Economy pack of 48 rolls.  An entire aisle of packaging catering to hoarders!  Either one that I choose will definitely be enough to last me well into 2021.  Where would I even put these pallet size packages?  Guess I am still on the list of people who need TP.

Enjoy this blooming prickly pear and try not to think about the exercise in social avoidance that we used to call "shopping."

While gawking at the enormous bundles of “softer” and/or “stronger” rolls, I notice something about the new social distancing protocol.   I think I am supposed to navigate my cart through the aisle in the direction of the arrows on the floor.  But my observation of other shoppers indicates that I am mistaken!

Social convention (at least as practiced in my local stores) leans toward going in the OPPOSITE direction of the arrows.  Maybe this is dyslexic social distancing, I don’t know.  I suspect that everyone is just not used to having this type of direction.  In a few months after we are indoctrinated to the new system, the arrows will be removed or worn away leaving dazed, directionless shoppers standing in the stores unsure how to move without guidance.

Local Walmart employee models his mask. He apologized for not having his cowboy hat on. Way to rock a face mask!

Climbing Up to Cool Off

On a Monday when temps will hover near 100, Jane and Leyman suggest that we Jeep the dirt road up the backside of Mt. Lemmon and seek cooler air.  We do just that and at the summit find 76 degree temps and a whole lot of other folks enjoying the limited resources in this normally popular but partially shut down forest area.  For more info on this lovely park under normal conditions, check out my post from our visit last year – click here.



In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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4 Replies to “Drastic Weather Requires Drastic Measures”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    Guess you have to take the bad with the good. I spent over a week in Phoenix once, they said that the 100 degree temps were not as bad there with no humidity, BULL – HOT IS HOT- no matter. They do not have air conditioners there but they have something that brings water vapor into the house to cool it. Not for me, with the restrictions on moving around now will you be able to go North from there? I hope so, the entire western part of the country is supposed to be warmer than normal and the east colder than normal for the next month. Crazy weather take care and stay as cool as you can. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Honestly if I can get in the shade with the low humidity, the coach (and I) stay MUCH cooler. My new site has shade most of the day on at least half of the RV – much better.
      Things north of here do seem to be opening up. I hope to move next week – just waiting to get a few answers on RV park availability. You guys stay warm in the cooler weather.
      You are right, the weather like everything else right now is crazy!!!

  2. Deb Robbins says: Reply

    Hope shade helps!! Hopefully you can go north soon. I’m not looking forward to “air you can wear” here in FL. Lol. I expect I’ll drive to CT at some point, but no idea when yet. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love AZ!! Keep us posted! Stay well GF. ?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      The shade helped a lot! Since the air is not liquid here, once you get out of the sun it is almost like being in AC. Let me know when you decide to head to CT. If you ever want to visit this area and need a place to stay, I have plenty of room. I plan to return next winter if that is allowed. So much to do and see here but this trip was a bust on that score!!
      Stay happy and healthy! Miss you!

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