Draining Problems and a Stormy Landing

My RV toilet has not flushed with any enthusiasm for two weeks.  I seek other accommodations with Mom during this period of uncooperative plumbing while I search for solutions.  I spend hours battling what l thought was a recalcitrant clog. Finally I engage the extremely helpful tech support folks at Headhunter, Inc. (the manufacturer of my fixture). Their motto is “the only way to break our toilets is with a hammer.”  I may be giving them a run for their money. 

They make many suggestions hoping to place me on the path to elimination, but so far no movement.  My brother-in-law, Eric, discovers to my dismay that my accumulator tank bladder is bad.  The tank is filled with water and not producing enough pressure to flush the toilet.  You’ve probably never heard of this problem, but yes, it is a thing.  I order this pricey part and wait.

We are sure replacing this tank will solve my flush problems. Wrong again!

Eric replaces the accumulator and while the flush is now much more powerful, the bowl is still not draining.  Eric removes the toilet, tests it and it is OK.  He blows out the lines to the black tank with high pressure air.  Now I can hear air blowing through to that tank.  But we still cannot get a flush that empties the bowl.  We are both at our wit’s end with the waste system on my Country Coach.

When it was new, Storm claimed this commode was a $5000 option on this coach.  Right now it is not worth 2 cents.  As my deadline to depart approaches, I am concerned this unflushable problem may drown my dreams of hitting the road.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please call or text me!!

Sleeping Beauties??

Since I am in a holding pattern with my potty problems, my sister and I spend a day mattress shopping.  I am overwhelmed at both the cost of and options for a new mattress.  At one store we agree to a computerized test bed to evaluate our sleep needs as we take a short nap! 

Valerie is so enamored with the moveable frames, we spend several hours just using the remotes to vibrate, elevate and recline our various body parts.  I purchase a new custom size mattress for the RV from the Original Mattress Factory and dream of at last a good night’s sleep in the RV.

Valerie uses the computerized test bed to help her choose a mattress.

A Stormy Landing

In the throes of my contest with the demons that seem to possess my coach, I receive an email from YouTube with a favorable comment about an old video I posted when Storm and I vacationed in New Zealand.  Our trip was centered around a flying tour that allowed Storm to pilot us in a small plane touring the South Island.  We were accompanied by various instructor pilots on each flight as Storm learned true Mountain Flying skills.  In the video below, Storm demonstrates the terrain hugging approach to Milford Sound airport. He was mighty proud of himself after he got us settled on the ground here just in time for high tea!  Let’s take a break from my RV woes and enjoy sharing one of Storm’s favorite experiences.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

About Sunny Weathers

Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow me as I travel all over the US in my Country Coach RV volunteering, making new friends and pursuing a constant outdoor temperature between 70F and 80F. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks I learn!

12 Replies to “Draining Problems and a Stormy Landing”

  1. Seems Storm is challenging you from above with the theory, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, in preparation for the road. Beast wishes David & Myong

    1. Yes, I can just imagine him getting a good laugh at my efforts to deal with the RV. My appreciation for his hard work has skyrocketed!! Thanks and best wishes to you in your travels.

  2. jim & sandy dukeman says: Reply

    I would be taking that thing to my repair friend Keith Frazer in Siler City for sure. I do not have the expertise that Stormy had and I find it cheaper to take it to someone that knows what they are doing than to replace every expensive thing in the system to find it is the cheapest and easiest thing that I could have done to fix it. :<) That is my luck. Glad you took a break and found a good mattress though. Welcome to our world. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. I totally understand what you are saying. So far the things I replaced in this system were definitely broken and part of the problem. Now that we have repaired the things that created the clog, we just have to find and get rid of the clog itself. Eric is excellent at this type of troubleshooting so I have fingers crossed we will get this worked out soon. If all else fails though I will take it to Keith – I talked to him a few weeks ago about other issues and I really like the way he talked! You guys take care!!

  3. Barbara L Kauffman says: Reply

    Big chuckles at your potty perspective .
    Cried while watching the Milford Landing.

    1. Me too!

  4. Barbara L Kauffman says: Reply

    I’m with the Dukeman’s on getting someone to fix the thing.

    1. I am – Eric is an excellent mechanic and he knows what he is doing. This is just a tough one to troubleshoot.

  5. I assume they had donuts. Thanks for the ride along.


    1. 🙂

  6. Jack and Ruth A says: Reply

    Sorry to hear about your toilet problems. Is it an electric toilet? We are also having problems with our electric toilet and Jack plans to replace the slide valve. He already replace the controller. It will open but not always close, unless you do few things.
    What part of the country do you plan to go to first? Best to you and hope to cross paths down the road.

    1. Yes it is an electric toilet. Water pressure was the initial problem and we solved that. Now we have to find the clog and that is taking some effort. If yours is a HeadHunter toilet, you can call their tech support and they will try to help troubleshoot.
      I am headed to Florida from here. At the start of February I plan to head toward Arizona for a month or so, then to Utah. I hope we cross paths too!

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