Do you know the difference between a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a rental car?

For those of you who know Storm, you have probably heard him ask the title question of this post.  The answer: A rental car will go anywhere.

So imagine my terror and distress when we RENTED a 4-wheel drive jeep to go play with some of the others staying here in our campground!  I pictured all the things Storm has always wanted to try with a 4-wheel drive and/or rental car and now he had nothing to hold him back – especially since he has become fairly immune to my screams.  I was not soothed by the Rental lady’s jeep instructions either.  She mentioned that our jeep had a nice lift kit and full under body skid pans and that we could enjoy most any trail as the tires had the right pressure to grip almost anything.  Did she not realize that Storm needed no encouragement?  Our first day out in the rented Jeep, Jim led us out to Gemini Bridges and Secret Spire.  A ride just challenging enough to keep Storm from being bored and with just enough flowers along the way to keep me calm.  I won’t say this ride was gorgeous (it was) because EVERY ride here is gorgeous so that is a given.  But you can see from these pictures that it had its own unique qualities (click on any photo for slide show):

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  1. Jim Dukeman says: Reply

    What a neat and beautiful place. :>)

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