Devils Tower on an Empty Stomach

Tuesday is forecast to be the last pretty day this week so we leave mid-day for Devils Tower National Monument.  We are wrong in thinking that a Tuesday in late summer will be an uncrowded time to visit this geological wonder.  The insatiable buses expelling tourists of various nationalities at the door to the visitor center soon have the grounds covered with selfie taking travelers.

We arrive just as Devils Tower erupts (kidding!)

Base Climbing for Senior Citizens

Colorfully attired climbers festoon the tower sides as they ascend to the Tower’s top today, but we don’t join them.  We stick to the paved path snaking around the tower’s boulder strewn base. For some reason, it seems more difficult to climb to and follow this path than it did just two years ago. 

As we make a slow beeline to the car we are preceded by the rolling thunder of our empty stomachs.  We head to Sundance, Wyoming determined to find “real food” rather than the frontier fast food bordering the park’s entrance. 

The only restaurant in Sundance serving a late lunch is the Cowgirl Pizza and Laundromat.  Darn, wish we had packed along our dirty clothes so we could multi-task while lunching.  Our meaty pizza adorned with fresh veggies is delicious though at 3pm after our explorations at Devils Tower I could eat the pizza box and be almost as happy!

A rare dining experience found only in Sundance, Wyoming

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2 Replies to “Devils Tower on an Empty Stomach”

  1. WOW what great pictures, thanks again. Looks like a good place to visit for sure, and nice to know there are lots of folks in this country enjoying its finest. If you like WATER, Eastern NC is still the place to be, but it smells rather bad. Things are getting better though. Take care and GOD BLESS

    1. So proud of you and the Cherokee for the work you both are doing to bring relief to the flooded folks! THANK YOU!!

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