Day Trip to Charleston, SC

Because we do not want to unload our car while staying at James Island, we take advantage of the many shuttles offered by the campground.  For $3 each we are chauffeured through the Light Display and from our driver Mike, learn all about the Light Festival volunteers. 

Charleston Streetscape

While we are ooo’ing and ahhh’ing like children at a holiday fireworks display, Mike interjects facts about the show which I remember as best I can considering I am repeatedly distracted by incredible animations like the aircraft carrier in the lake with a corsair taking flight from the deck. For instance, the Light Festival workkampers in his group have been working since September to replace many of the 2,000,000 light bulbs used in the 3 mile loop of over 700 magical light displays.  Although most lights are still incandescent, as the county can afford to they are replacing old lights with LEDs.  The volunteers also operate the holiday train which takes visitors through the park for a special view of even more lights.

If you are an RVer looking for a good Workamper job for the fall, contact the park as this is a lovely area to make an extended visit and according to Mike the team has a ball preparing the lights.  In addition to free camping in this well-appointed recreation area, they also receive discounts or free admission to many local attractions.

The flounder and grits special was mouth-watering and the she-crab soup was sublime

The next day we catch the $10 shuttle into Charleston which departs from the campground office and is a much better option than navigating the traffic and searching for a parking space in downtown Charleston on our own.  Once at the visitor center, a free trolley bus awaits us to make our city visit a breeze.  Dreary skies make for difficult photography, but we overcome the weather by having lunch at 82 Queen during the short rain storm that attempts to interrupt our outing.  After a full day of street walking (the good kind), we tuck in early so that we can figure out how to get to Florida.  Based on our experience navigating to this campground we will be lucky to get to Highway 17 headed in a southerly direction!

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  1. You are going to make us go to Charleston yet. We were there several years ago, went to the malitary academy on Friday, worth the trip to be sure. But we have not been during Christmas, 4th of July was great as NO ONE was there and you have the Battery and ships all to yourselves, well kinda. It was a great trip and you have given us more reason to go again, have a safe trip south. GOD BLESS

    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Sounds like you picked a good time to visit – it was definitely crowded for Christmas.

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